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Apple: 3G iPads will be unlocked in Japan

Following rumors of carrier-locked iPad 3Gs, Apple has officially announced that Japanese customers will be able to use micro SIM cards from carriers outside of Japan, according to The Wall Street Journal. "Outside of Japan" is the key phrase here. While in the country, customers will receive ser...

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Will Canada's iPhone be unlocked?

The iPhone is slowly making it's way around the world. In Canada, there are now four major carriers that support the device: Rogers, Fido, Telus and Bell. So how will Apple continue to stock and support the iPhone with that many carriers? That's where the story get's interesting. According to iPh...

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Rumor: Unsubsidized iPhone to be offered by AT&T

Looking to pick up an iPhone, but not interested in getting bogged down by any contracts with "the Man?" Your time may have come -- The Boy Genius apparently got their hands on some slides from an AT&T training session saying on March 26, AT&T will offer a "No-commit" for their existing cust...

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iPhone in 29 new countries; unlocked in Hong Kong

Our sister site Engadget reports that Apple is now offering unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong via its online store. HK$5,500 (≈ US$700) will buy you an 8GB model, HK$6,200 (≈ US$800) gets you 16GB. The Apple Store's terms and conditions limit sales to individuals in Hong Kong only, but who...

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Unlocked iPhones a growing industry

A cottage industry has grown up surrounding unlocked iPhones, and two new companies are looking to cash in. Brazilian company DesbloqueioBr came up with a clever way of using a SIM-card adapter to enable unlocking the phone and choosing a carrier at your discretion. It's much like the Turbo SIM unl...

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iPhone to become subsidized, non-exclusive?

RBC analyst Mark Abramsky says that the iPhone will exceed its projected goal of 10 million devices sold in 2008 -- possibly by selling upwards of 14 million. How is Apple going to get these sales figures? Well, Abramsky suggests that AT&T could subsidize the iPhone by up to $200 for the 8GB mod...

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Analyst: 10% of iPhones sold to unlockers

Apple Insider has an analyst saying that 10% of iPhones sold in Apple stores in September were being bought by people who are then turning around and selling them unlocked. That seems like a big number when you picture the situation Gene Munster, the analyst, describes: "one Apple employee acknowled...

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Rumor: Apple iPhone could be sold unlocked?

Any and every rumor is in the air about the iPhone these days, but this one is probably the first of the recent batch that sounds pretty interesting. The mobile phone market is a pretty tough customer - carriers need to lock their customers down, and there are plenty of handset makers who already ha...

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