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TUAW's Daily App: UNO

Everybody knows UNO, the classic card game where you have to match cards going around a table and try to clear out your hand before someone else clears out theirs. Gameloft produced the iPhone version, and it's a respectable recreation of the card game that's available in single or multiplayer. The...

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First Look: UNO for iPhone

If you've ever played UNO before, then you know how addicting it can be. You can now enjoy that same UNO [iTunes link] experience on your iPhone anywhere, which makes it much more addicting. Gameloft, creators of many other iPhone and iPod games, has really outdone itself on this game for the iPho...

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Mac OS X tools for real life

This article made me chuckle-- Stuart Frisby of Thirty Six Degrees wrote a short piece about five Mac OS X tools not that he'd like to see on the iPhone, but that he'd like to see in Analog Life (or Analogue Life, in his case). The Finder function is an old favorite-- it really would be great to fin...

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UNO 1.5

I'm not one to fiddle with the appearance of my Mac's UI. I think Apple did a pretty good job, and I see no reason to change it. That being said, certain parts of OS X's default appearance can be a little inconsistent, and the custom UI theme called UNO was designed to make OS X consistent across t...

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