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Civilization: Beyond Earth for Mac is still on the way, just delayed

Yesterday we ran a story announcing that the Mac version of Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth has been postponed for an indefinite, or undetermined, amount of time. We have since reached out to a source working on the Mac version of Beyond Earth for a comment on the story. While they cannot g...

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Dropbox for iOS now lets you search within Word and PowerPoint documents

Finding exactly what you're looking for in Dropbox has gotten even easier thanks to the latest update to its iOS app. Thanks to newly improved "high fidelity" previews, users can now search within Word and PowerPoint documents for the content they're looking for. The app also now features support...

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Vine adds new editing tools and imported camera roll videos to iOS app

Vine for iOS has just received a massive new update the finally gives the video app equal footing with its rival Instagram. For the first time on Vine you can now create posts using video clips from your device's camera roll, and then edit them to make your clip into the short film of your dream...

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Camera+ fixes Flickr sharing, adds features, teases "big things" for iOS 8

Camera+ has released a new update for the powerful iOS photography app adding new features, fixing bugs, and using the release to tease "big things" for the iOS 8 version. Thats exactly their words, "big things." With iOS 8 right around the corner, we've got some pretty big things planned for th...

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Evernote adds private sharing link options and auto reminder alarms

Evernote has worked hard to build itself into a perfect document and note-taking service whether you're a casual user or a business pro. It can already keep track of your recipes, contacts, or notes, scan your business cards, take pictures, record voice memos, and create to-do lists. Still, what h...

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Spotify updates with new iPhone controls in time for summer BBQs

Spotify has been unleashing a slew of new updates this week. A few days ago they introduced a new redesign and the ability to search for downloaded music when users are offline. Now they've improved the way the iPhone and your computer interact with yet another update. Today's upgrade allows iOS ...

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Bank of America's updated app creates a wonderful mobile banking experience

As a Bank of America client, using the company's app has been a mixed bag. In the past the interface was clunky, with a limited number of features, but it was nice to be able to deposit checks via the app when I couldn't find an ATM. Still there was plenty of room for improvement, and it appears B...

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Apple closes the loophole that allowed users to update refunded apps

No good loophole lasts for long. Apple has made a subtle update to the App Store which most users will never notice, but if you've ever received a refund for an app, you will. For years, users who got a refund for a paid app through the App Store were able to continue getting updates after they'...

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Podcasts app gets Siri support and improved episode browsing

Apple's native Podcasts app has had a rocky road with users since the feature was separated from the Music app. Still, Apple has been working to improve the app and make it easier to use. The latest update adds Siri integration, support for the new CarPlay in-vehicle control systems, and a number...

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Shazam's latest update increases speed and battery life while improving sharing options

For music lovers on the go, Shazam is an invaluable discovery tool. With the simple press of a button, the app tells you the name and artist of any song currently playing around you. Today Shazam released a new update that throws a fresh coat of paint on the app, along with adding a few nifty new fe...

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The iOS 7.1 update is now available

After a long bout of beta testing, Apple has released the iOS 7.1 update to the general public. This is the first major update for iOS 7 since it was released this past September. 7.1 brings a host of new features, from updated icons to an improved keyboard and phone dialer. If you've been waiting ...

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Instapaper updates iOS app with AirPlay support and more

The popular webclipper Instapaper updated its iOS app late last week with a number of new features that will ensure you'll never have forget to check out something you saw on the internet. First up is the addition of AirPlay support for Apple TV. Instapaper is already a solid way to save videos fo...

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OS X Update 10.9.2 now available, patches SSL/TLS hole [Updated]

OS X 10.9.2 just arrived via the Mac App Store, bringing with it a number of "improvements to the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac." While the update seems to focus on issues that were occurring with FaceTime audio calls, iMessages, Mail, and server/VPN connections, there's no wo...

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Camera+ 5.1 update fixes the Day One integration bug and adds widescreen photos

Camera+ has been the go-to photography app of choice for iOS users for years thanks to its rich feature set. Since the release of iOS 7 it's only gotten better, adding increased editing options like The Lab to an already impressive product. Developer Tap Tap Tap has released yet another update, fixi...

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Chrome for iOS to get improved security, data compression and Google Translate in its next update

Google has announced the latest update of Chrome for iOS, and users are getting a veritable Christmas morning's worth of security and data features. On the security front, the company is bringing mobile users the Safe Browsing malware protection they've come to expect from the browser's desktop appl...

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