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TUAW's Daily App: Darkroom Pro

I've been a fan of the Darkroom app for the iPhone almost since the beginning, only because it contained a bit of functionality I think that should have been included in the device from the start: a steady mode. The original Darkroom offered up a steady-shot mode that let you press a shutter button ...

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Yelp updates with check-ins, Foursquare not happy

Location-based social networking on the iPhone is a tough game to play, apparently -- the popular Yelp app [iTunes link] has recently updated to version 4.0, and along with a friend finder, hooks to Facebook and Twitter, and an updated version of their augmented reality Monocle feature, they've add...

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Apple bumps Mac Mini line to add faster processors

The refreshed Mac minis predicted yesterday by John Gruber of Daring Fireball, did indeed debut this morning and with a modest refresh. According to Business Week, the new entry-level mini (still at $599) offers the 2.26 GHz chip that used to be an optional upgrade. The $799 upgrade offers a 2.53 GH...

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AOL's DailyFinance App updated

We noted the introduction of the DailyFinance app in April, so without rehashing old business... It's time to move Stocks off of your main apps page. The multifaceted DailyFinance app from AOL has been updated to version 1.2 and AOL has made a great app even better. DailyFinance provides real time ...

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Inquisitor is updated for Leopard

Well slap my Safari and call me Susan-- it seems that the rumors of Inquisitor's demise (like so many things nowadays) were greatly exaggerated. Apple Reporter points out that Inquisitor, the Safari search plugin that everyone likes so much, has been "repackaged" for Leopard. Originally, we were tol...

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Papercraft iPhone update to 1.1.1

Pie.Phage dropped us an updated version of the papercraft iPhone, complete with the WifiTunes music store. He didn't create it, he says-- he just updated the old design. Sure, for those of you who actually have iPhones, this is lame, but for those of us who haven't been able to take the plunge yet...

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Universal Binary of Flash Player 9 released

Adobe has cranked out a Universal Binary of Flash Player 9 for Intel Mac consumption. Strangely, a PowerPC-only build is still available on the download page, though Insanely Mac is reporting that it's an earlier build. If you're interested in what's actually new in this latest version, check out Ad...

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