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AT&T: iPhone 4S users won't get discounted pricing for the iPhone 5

Numerous readers have written in to tell us that AT&T is not offering them upgrade pricing for the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S went on sale in mid-October of 2011, so even those in the first round of buyers are only midway through a two-year contract. Domestically, you can check...

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Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac launched

Last week it was VMWare that received an update; now the primary competition to that virtual machine software, Parallels, has been updated to a new, more capable version. Parallels Desktop 8 (US$79.99) is available starting today for current Parallels Desktop users, with full retail availabilit...

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You're the Pundit: What would make the new iPhone a "must buy" for you?

When it comes to evaluating the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is the new iPhone. Last year, I was looking forward to delaying my iPhone 4S purchase (or the "iPhone 5" as we were guessing...

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AgileTortoise updates Drafts, introduces iPad version

AgileTortoise's popular Drafts app receives a welcome update today as it enters version 2.0 for iPhone. Drafts for iPad is also available. Adding sync features through Simperium, an iCloud alternative, Drafts will be able to move data across platforms and pick up from where users last left of...

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OS X Mountain Lion: The TUAW review

It's here! Following a surprise announcement in February, OS X Mountain Lion has arrived (to use its full and formal title, sans the 10.8 version number). Barely a year after the release of Lion, this new OS nevertheless boasts an impressive list of new features. The overriding theme is uncha...

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TUAW Talkcast: Mountain Lion preview show, 10pm ET

Tonight on the Talkcast, we're getting ready for the new top cat in town. The calendar is flipping past and the end of July is in sight, which means the release of OS X Mountain Lion is imminent. Our intrepid team has been helping you prepare your Mac for the new operating system via our ongoing ...

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Parallels Desktop 7 gets the Retina Display treatment

Parallels has announced that its popular virtualization software is ready for the Retina Display MacBook Pro. Parallels Mobile was updated for iOS device Retina Displays earlier this year. The desktop software has now followed suit and is ready to let you see OSes such as Windows 8 and Windows ...

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Dropbox doubles storage on Pro plans -- for free

Dropbox users who have one of the Dropbox Pro 50 or 100 GB plans woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning -- they now have double the storage space in the cloud and didn't have to pay a cent more. According to a post last night on the Dropbox blog, they've been getting requests for bigger ...

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Getting ready for Mountain Lion: checking for compatibility

Does your Mac qualify for Mountain Lion? Not every system does, although if you're already running OS X Lion, chances are good that you'll be able to upgrade. Still, you'll want to check. The following hardware models will support Mountain Lion, according to Apple's specifications page: iMac...

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Chitika reports that features entice iOS users to update, not security

Do you rush to install each new version of iOS or do you only jump at those versions that include significant features? If you chose the latter, then you are like many iOS users, says a report by Chitika. The analytics firm looked at iOS adoption rates and found that 12.5 percent of users ins...

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How to keep MobileMe mail working after iCloud turns it off

Here at TUAW on the tipline, we have heard no end of complaints about MobileMe. Some days, it seems like every other tip is about how much of a mess MobileMe email is. Which is probably why Apple is finally shutting the service down in a month or so, transitioning over to the new iCloud instead...

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Verizon Wireless to start charging $30 handset upgrade fee

A Reuters report claims Verizon Wireless will start charging customers an additional US$30 when they upgrade their phone. This fee will apply to existing customers who buy new hardware with a two-year customer agreement. Verizon says it's levying this additional charge in order to "provide cust...

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iOS 3.1.3 iPhone/iPod touch users running into App Store issues

Not everyone has updated to iOS 5 or even iOS 4; there's more than a handful of users who still run iOS 3.1.3 on their older iPhones or iPod touch devices. As of December 16, a growing number of these users are reporting problems with the iOS app store. It doesn't appear to be a bunch of confus...

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RunKeeper gets a major upgrade

RunKeeper, the free fitness tracking app, just received a major upgrade that was announced this morning. The app has been gaining a lot of attention since mid-summer, when the company launched a Health Graph API that developers have been using to integrate RunKeeper capabilities into third-party ...

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How to check if you're eligible for an iPhone upgrade

With a new iPhone or two just around the corner, TUAW has been getting the usual flood of "how can I check to see if I'm eligible for an upgrade" emails. At least for those of us in the US on either the AT&T or Verizon networks, that's a fairly easy proposition. Here's how to see if you'll ...

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