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Goodbye, FireWire 400

As Macworld notes, this is it for the ol' Firewire 400. With the introduction of the new Mac mini the other day and the refresh of the Mac Pro and iMac lines, the old version of Firewire is left only on the white MacBook. It's evolution at its finest, and our good friend Nilay Patel over at Engadge...

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Found Footage: Boost your MacBook's RAM

Have you ever thought about upgrading your MacBook's scrawny 2GBs of RAM that Apple ships to something a little more deserving? Well, ChannelFlip has a very cool video showing you how to upgrade the RAM in either a MacBook or MacBook Pro. In addition they tested the performance of the 2GB and 4GB ...

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AT&T iPhone "rebate" clarification

Yesterday, Twitter was abuzz with incorrect rumors that current iPhone owners would have to trade-in their 2G phones in order to upgrade to the iPhone 3G. I spoke with AT&T's mobility media contact yesterday and confirmed that the rumors were bogus, but after the original source posted a clarifi...

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Confirmed: iTunes 7.6 needed for some successful 1.1.3 upgrades

A heads-up for those who are struggling to get iPhones updated: If you've tried upgrading your iPhone or iPod touch to 1.1.3 and are getting mysterious errors that keep you from finishing the upgrade or restore process, make sure you're already running iTunes 7.6. I'm hearing reports from various p...

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.Mac updates coming tomorrow morning?

Yes, the most recent rumor about Apple's announcement tomorrow has been debunked by commenters and other sites, but this one stems from a scheduled maintenance message Apple has posted on their oft-debated .Mac service page (tip of the hat to reader Jake Coventry). Quoth Apple's message at www.mac.c...

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PSA: 160GB Apple TV now shipping

As we noticed yesterday, Apple is now offering two versions of the Apple TV: the original 40GB model for $299, and a new 160GB model for $399, which is shipping in 1-2 business days. This should make things interesting for those 3rd party services we found that can sell you pre-upgraded Apple TVs...

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iTunes 7.2 Gallery

If you're stuck at work and can't get away to take a peek at the new iTunes 7.2 update, we've put together this handy gallery of screen shots showing you the new 7.2 features. In iTunes 7.2, you'll find a new link to iTunes Plus in the iTunes Quick Links. Select it and iTunes will prompt you to upd...

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CSSEdit 2.5 brings tabs, X-ray Inspector and more

MacRabbit has released CSSEdit 2.5, a significant update to their fantastic CSS editing and manipulating application. As if CSSEdit 2.0 didn't bring enough cool features, v2.5 is almost like sneaking a peek at your v3.0 birthday presents that are stashed away in your parent's closet the day befor...

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PowerMax sells Apple TV with pre-upgraded 120GB drive, 1 year warranty

Yesterday we found a couple of companies who are offering hard drive upgrade plans for Apple TVs. For those of us who already scored one of Apple's latest gadgets, this post-purchase service is music to our ears (though maybe not to our wallets) - but for potential buyers, PowerMax does one better b...

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Xtorrent Public Beta 2

David Watanabe (of NewsFire fame) has released a second public beta of Xtorrent, his BitTorrent client that first appeared on the scene back in September. The largest change is one of the least visible: a major overhaul under the hood of the downloads pane to pave the way for upcoming integration b...

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NewsFire adds Leopard compatibility

David Watanabe wins a tip of my hat today for being one of the first 3rd party developers to add Leopard compatibility to NewsFire, his popular, streamlined RSS newsreader. From the release notes, this new version 1.4 build 68 also adds prefix/suffix string rules (I'm assuming for feed searches?). I...

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Weekend Review: this week's software for 7-30-06

It was another packed week for software premieres and updates, so here is a roundup in case you missed them the first time around: Shareware Groupcal 3 - manage your Exchange calendar from iCal EyeTV 2.3 - Front Row-like menu and speed boosts OmniPlan (beta) - OmniGroup's brand new project m...

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OmniWeb 5.5 public beta

Earlier this month, the Omni Group offered a sneak peek of their upcoming 5.5 release of OmniWeb, their feature-rich web browser that pre-dated Netscape by a year. If the preview piqued your interest, you might be interested in their public beta. While this new release doesn't pack in a boatload of...

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PBFixit is now iFixit

One of my favorite Mac sites, PBFixit, has been renamed iFixit. iFixit provides parts and great step-by-step repair and upgrade tutorials for the Mac mini, Powerbook G3 (233-500mhz), iBook G3 (300mhz-900mhz) and iBook G4 (800mhz-1.42GHz), plus the titanium and aluminum PowerBooks. The tutorials are ...

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