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Nielsen: More people use tablets, smartphones while watching TV

A recent report from Nielsen shows that folks in the US and UK enjoy using their mobile devices while watching TV, while those in Germany and Italy prefer to do one thing at a time says a report in CNET. Up to 88 percent of US tablet owners and 86 percent of US smartphone owners use their d...

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Report suggests App Store growing rapidly in China

It's no secret that Apple has big plans for China. During several of the past quarterly earnings calls, CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer have made repeated references to both past growth and future plans for the nation. Now a report from app market research firm Distimo [via GigaOM] indic...

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Apple and Google mobile grew in 2011, all others shrank

Every month, the NPD analyzes the mobile market and tracks the performance of smartphone platforms and manufacturers. Now that the year is almost over, the metrics company released a comprehensive report that summarizes January to October 2011. Not surprising, the results show that Android is in ...

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Apple denied initial request to ban Galaxy products in the US

Late last week, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple's request for a preliminary injunction against Samsung. Apple accused Samsung of patent and trademark infringements and asked the court to ban the sales of the Galaxy Tab and other Galaxy smartphones. Judge Koh did suggest she believes S...

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Samsung accuses Apple of 'free riding' its patent technologies

Samsung's head of global marketing has spoken with the AP recently, and says that he believes Apple is "free-riding" on the company's patents, building phones and touch devices that apparently are unduly influenced by Samsung's inventions. No more Mr. Nice Guy, though -- Lee Younghee, also a se...

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Apple cracks down on counterfeit products being sold in NYC

NYC may not have as many fake Apple stores as China, but it has a few and they've caught the eye of Apple. Apple has executed several seizure warrants and removed fake goods that carry the Apple logo or name from these stores. A trademark infringement lawsuit has halted sales of the alleged kno...

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AT&T activated 3.6 M iPhones in Q2 2011

AT&T said it was not concerned about the Verizon iPhone and its Q2 2011 earnings suggest this confidence was not misplaced. In the last three months, AT&T activated 3.6 million iPhones and 24% of these activations were for new customers, not renewals. iPhone subscriber churn was down sl...

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Study reveals Apple surpasses RIM in US smartphone share

Apple is now the #2 mobile platform in the US with 26.6% market share. Apple rose 1.4 percentage points and inched past RIM which now holds 24.7% of the US market. Similar to Apple, Android also gained market share grabbing another 5.1 percentage points to climb to 38.1% market share. Rim took ...

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iOS devices affecting Mac's web share worldwide

There's a new set of web share stats out in the US, and it appears that on a worldwide scale, the iPhone and other iOS devices are taking a bite out of normal computers' web browsing, but specifically more for Macs than Windows PCs. That's the conclusion in the new Net Applications report, which no...

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How to publish an Apple iBook

We've covered the issue tangentially before, but in case our guides on EPUB and the process itself haven't been enough to inspire you would-be authors to self-publish your book in iBooks, Greg Mills has a step-by-step guide just for you. Of course, the hardest part may be actually writing the book, ...

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Chrome now beating Safari in the US also

StatCounter's US browser share page shows that Chrome has now overtaken Safari in these United States, moving up into third place for browser share, behind Internet Explorer and Firefox. Astute TUAW readers among you will remember that Chrome already beat Safari once, but that was for the global br...

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iTunes share of the US music market swells to 26.7%

Apple's iTunes music service has strengthened its lead in the US music market, growing to a whopping 26.7% of all music sold in the States, up from 21% a few years ago and 12% in 2007. That's pretty phenomenal growth, buoyed almost certainly by the rising share of digital music versus brick and mort...

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The United States of Apple

Also note that Apple fans tend to stick to urban areas for the most part -- there is a nice big oasis of Mac fans in Colorado and Nevada, but we wonder if the lower population density in those places makes the results a little weird. Also notice the lack of Apple ownership in the south -- Louisiana ...

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Free music and a chance to win more from Tap Tap Revenge 3

Tap Tap Revenge 3 is apparently going gangbusters over on the App Store -- Tapulous has gotten in touch with us to let us know about two different free promotions they're doing lately, as well as give you readers a chance to win their entire catalog for free. First up, the free stuff for everybod...

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Analysis: iTunes holds 12.6% of the US music market

Stick with us here: a new report by Forrester Research claims that of all the music purchased in the US, digital purchases have jumped to 18% of the total, and they expect it to go up to 41% of total sales over the next five years. That means that about 20% of all the music sold in the US is bough...

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