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Follow local schools with USA Today High School Sports

We have seen a real surge of interest in high school sports over the last several years. The growth spurt coincides with the big increase in coverage of major college recruiting in basketball and especially football. Now with the USA Today High School Sports app you can get on the bandwagon and tr...

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Jony Ive, Craig Federighi chat with USA Today

In anticipation of Apple's worldwide iPhone launch this Friday, Apple executives have been hitting the interview circuit. Earlier today, we pointed to a Businessweek interview with Tim Cook, Craig Federighi and Jony Ive; and now comes yet another chat with Apple's higher-ups courtesy of USA Today. ...

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Timehop partners with USA Today to bring old news back to life

The iOS app Timehop offers you a glimpse into your social networking past, but with its newest update, it also lets you take a peek at antiquated news stories as well. TNW reports that Timehop has partnered with USA Today to offer the top news stories from years past that were published on what...

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How apps are helping small business save money

During its keynote presentations, Apple often showcases how educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies are using the iPad and iPhone. Many people don't realize that small businesses are also benefiting from Apple's iOS devices. A report in USA Today sheds some light on how small busines...

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Apple is fastest-growing US retailer

One of the topics of next week's Apple third-quarter financial results call is sure to be the performance at Apple's retail outlets. USA Today is reporting that retail sales expert David Berman has named Apple the fastest-growing major U.S. retailer, based on sales growth. He's basing that la...

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USA Today sees iPad app as "real positive" for industry

While many newspapers are struggling financially and trying to figure out how to move from paper and ink to digital content, it appears that Gannett's USA Today is doing quite well on the iPad. Last August, the paper was in the midst of a restructuring and cut 130 staff members. At that time, USA T...

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Ongo for iPad is a good start, but it's far from a home run

We told you yesterday that Ongo was on the way to the iPad. It's now on the App Store, and I've had some time to play with it. Ongo is a joint venture by several newspaper companies to create a paid, ad-free news aggregator that is easy to use and will appeal to the news junkie. After some hours usi...

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USA Today updates and improves iPad app

There are plenty of news apps for the iPad, but I'm happy to see USA Today aggressively improving what was already a useful and easy to use app. Version 2.0 is still free, and it has added more extensive tech coverage. Tech reviews feature iPad apps, and there is a video player, along with a spiffy ...

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USA TODAY for iPad adds crossword, stocks

One of the first iPad applications, USA TODAY (free), has been updated to version 1.5, which adds the long-awaited crossword puzzle and customizable market and stock information. I've been waiting for the crossword puzzle to go live for a long time, and now that it's here I'm not disappointed. Yo...

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Reflections: A day and a night with the iPad

Getting an iPad was an unplanned part of my day. My original idea was to wait for version 2, but I found myself at a local Best Buy taking pictures and interviewing people in line, and the manager came out and said there were some available. Bingo. Reality distortion field. Up went my hand. I spe...

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Edward C. Baig: iPad is a winner

Edward C. Baig at USA Today is among those at top newspapers who posted their first take on the iPad this evening. His verdict? Definitely a winner. Look out, Nintendo and Sony. Amazon, go cower in the corner with the Kindle. The iPad will be giving all of them a run for their money, Baig says. "...

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AutoPilot should be with you on your next trip

USA Today has released AutoPilot for the iPhone and iPod touch, and it looks like a winner. This free app [iTunes link] lets you plan your trip, informs you of flight delays, gives you quick links to hotel, rental car and airline phone numbers, gets you the weather for your destination, and pulls up...

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First Look: TIME Mobile, a slick magazine for your iPhone / iPod touch

Instead of sifting through the piles of TIME magazines at your doctor's office, where you don't know who's healthy or unhealthy hands have touched the pages, you now have another option to browse through TIME content on your iPhone. The recently launched TIME Mobile [iTunes link] app provides a bett...

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Regator provides news aggregation for the more blog-minded

Catching up on the happenings around the blogosphere is a difficult task. Luckily, I happened to stumble upon John Burke's Download Squad piece on the release of Regator [iTunes link]. So, if you'd like to get caught up on the latest news, insights and commentary on Rod Blagojevich around the blogo...

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News apps! Get your News apps!

MSNBC recently added an iPhone app to the store, so we thought it was a good time to take a look at a few news apps. The gold standard for news on the iPhone is the USA Today app. Love them or hate them, the USA Today punchy writing style feels right at home on the iPhone. News can be received from ...

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