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Survey: Games top usage on tablets, too

According to a survey done by Google's AdMob, games are the number one use of most tablet computers out there, including Apple's own iPad and iPad 2. As you can see from the chart above, 84% of tablet owners play games on their devices, a use that's apparently ahead of even email checking, sear...

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Mobile share reports put Android in first for ads, RIM with most subscribers

Two big mobile market share reports have just released, both of them offering up some interesting news for Apple in the world of mobile phone OS users. First up, IDC's report sends Google's Android OS to a whopping 59 percent share, up from 48.6 percent last year. Apple, IDC says, will likely finis...

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iPad owners' usage increasing over time

Business Insider recently surveyed 500 iPad users about their habits with some interesting results. Among the most interesting is that nearly 80 percent of respondents (77.6) said they use their iPads more often now than they did when they first got them, suggesting that, after the novelty had worn ...

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iPad ads more lucrative than iPhone spots

Here's an interesting little finding regarding Apple's iOS devices -- Mobclix claims that for the month of July 2010, ads on the iPad were actually more lucrative than ads running on iPhone apps. The effective cost per thousand impressions is actually five times higher on the iPad than on the iPhon...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Which 3G plan should I opt for?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I'm getting a new iPad 3G. I understand the bit about no contract and $15 a month for 250mb but wonder about how does 250mb relate to web usage. I have heard some say the web surfing can consume a lot of "bandwidth" but have no idea what that means relative to 250mb of data plan u...

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iPad claiming .03% of all 'net traffic already

I must say, my iPad has become my primary way to access the Web when I'm at home, and it looks like Apple's latest device is getting a lot of exercise from other iPad users too. In a report from NetApplications, the iPad averaged 0.03 percent, per day, of all Web traffic for the ten days after i...

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Millions of app store downloads everywhere

Last year was a big one for mobile downloads, according to a number of sources. A Quantcast mobile trends report says that mobile web activity grew 110% in the US throughout 2009, and of course Apple was responsible for most of that, with a 65 from the iPhone and the rest from the iPod touch. Apple...

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Study: Android and iPhone users show same usage trends, heavy app usage

A study put together by analytics firms comScore and Compete says that while Android and iPhone users probably aren't the same people, they certainly act like it. Usage patterns line up almost exactly across the board, differing by only a few percentage points in categories from social networking...

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iPhone usage metric for Flickr drops big time

We've posted before how popular the iPhone is as a camera on Flickr, with people uploading tons of photos, both shot by and straight from the iPhone. But now, The Next Web has covered a huge drop in photos referencing the iPhone over on the popular photo sharing site. The suspected culprit? Flickr ...

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Dear Auntie TUAW: Did I overstep my data limits?

Cara Tia TUAW, I need your help please. I am in Mexico and have an iPhone with a 150 MB data plan and 300 minutes. My carrier says that I have passed my data limit and owe them around $150 usd. According to the Cellular Network Data on my iPhone, I have used 35MB and 83 minutes (Settings > Gener...

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iPhone owners do everything but talk

I always pay my iPhone bill with the phone itself. It's simple -- touch settings, then phone then AT&T services. In just a few seconds, I can wave about $70US goodbye. What a world! There are other options on that screen, like "View my minutes," which I usually check when I pay my bill. As of ri...

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Apple raising Mac production, lowering iPod quotas?

According to a recent Macworld UK post, the Mac's sales are surging, and Apple has ramped up production on the Mac lines. Macworld received its information from recent Banc of America Securities research, which leads to the conclusion that along with raising Mac production, Apple has lowered product...

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The curious case of how bad AT&T sucks Episode 2: Just the Internet - every last bit of it

First AT&T botches what is probably the most significant activation event in mobile phone history, and now they're including the complete data records - and I mean complete - in the first iPhone-related bills they're sending out to customers. Both David Pogue and John Gruber are reporting that t...

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TUAW poll: How much iPhone data have you used?

Yesterday, I wrote about setting up the iPhone with pay-as-you-go service. Without purchasing feature packs, the data plan goes for an exorbitant $0.01/KB. (With a feature pack, the data goes down to $2/MB, or $0.002/KB.) This got me wondering. It's been almost a month since the iPhone debuted. How...

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View a graphical chart of file and folder sizes with Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X takes a unique approach to helping you analyze your disk space usage by visualizing it as a graphical chart. You can see a breakdown of which types of files are hogging the most space, and clicking on a graphical portion will display the file's location in your Mac's system. Let's ...

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