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Archiving iPhone app workflows

For app developers and bloggers, it's very instructive to have an idea of what has changed in the user interface of an app. App developers can look back and see how both the "look and feel" and steps required to perform a workflow have changed, while bloggers and other writers can use the informat...

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Wordpress for iOS gets a new user interface

The Wordpress app for iOS has been updated again, and it features a brand-new interface for browsing, writing and editing posts on the popular blogging platform. As you can see above, the new interface apes Facebook's "side menu" (as have a few other big apps lately), and the update also fixes s...

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Compelling idea for moving files from Mac to iPhone

We've all faced the difficulty of moving a file from our Mac to our iPhone. There's iCloud, Dropbox and a host of other services to help us tranfer these files, but there are no solutions as elegant as the concept devised by interaction designer Ishac Bertran. His idea for proximity-aware devic...

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OS X animations used to make abstract art

Emilio Gomariz is an artist who's used the window animations in OS X to create some pretty amazing abstract art. You can look at the YouTube videos to see just what he's done, but my favorite is the one above, called Twist Choreography. To create it, Gomariz opened up a series of long, thin w...

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Google updates Google+ mobile UI

The Google+ mobile website is easier on the eyes thanks to a redesign Google rolled out on Monday. The new UI is available on any mobile device, including the iPad which still does not have a native client. Comments on the redesign suggest the web UI improves performance on the tablet device, but ...

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On UI inconsistency in iOS 5

A while back, designer Jake Marsh commented on an inconsistency in Apple's use of linen textures in iOS 5 (hat tip to Daring Fireball). In both OS X Lion and iOS 5, the linen texture is "underneath" other UI elements in almost every instance. In Lion, linen textures lie beneath the Mission Cont...

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Size matters: why the iPhone has a 3.5-inch screen

One of the things Android phone owners love to brag about -- particularly those who have the new Samsung Galaxy S II with its 4.27-inch diagonal screen -- is that the larger screens are much easier to read and watch videos on. Dustin Curtis has owned both the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S II, and i...

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From the boneheaded design file: Browsing Versions in Lion

I like Lion. I really really do. I can forgive Apple for breaking my Network Area Storage device, but in general it's a nice upgrade. There is, however, that matter of the "browse versions" feature in iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), Preview and some other apps designed to work with the Version...

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Apple keyboard gets touchy-feely with wooden tactile mod

This seems to be the day for keyboards. First, I wrote a review of the Scosche freeKEY flexible and water-resistant Bluetooth keyboard. Now we have word from CreativeBits of a wonderful keyboard mod that uses the tactile feel of sandblasted wood grain on a standard Apple keyboard to "strengthen...

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TUAW's Daily App: VelaClock

Yes, before you ask, we are choosing to spotlight a clock app for the iPhone. And yes, we know that every iPhone already has the time right there on the lock screen. But take a look at the interface on this thing -- it's been thought through so well that just that first page, with the bars and ...

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Rumor: Mac OS X Lion to have UI overhaul, developers to see beta build soon?

Since Apple's official announcement of Mac OS Lion last October, there's not been so much as a peep, let alone a roar, on the new operating system. We know to expect Lion at some point this summer, but as summer fast approaches, all we know about Lion is what Apple has told us (full-screen apps, L...

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Aqua: Digital paintings made up of OS X elements

Here's more proof that beauty can often lie hidden, even though it's right before your eyes. Digital artist Johannes P Osterhoff found an artistic quality to Apple's Aqua user interface and decided to base a series of digital "paintings" using several of its elements. With a few simple and subtle...

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Tablet OS "has a good bit of new sexy to it"

Dan Frommer over at The Business Insider had a nice, juicy tidbit to send out to anyone who is interested in Apple tablet rumors: he's apparently heard from someone who has seen the tablet's operating system, but not the actual device. There were three little quotes from the mysterious source in ...

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Mega-super TUAW shootout of the iPhone UI sketchbooks

Part of my work requires me to mock up iPhone apps, often to show developers how I would redesign a user interface to work better than something they've come up with. Over the past few months, a number of paper sketchbooks have appeared on the market, all designed expressly for this purpose. I decid...

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Beta Beat: Grape, a new way to manage your Desktop clutter

Grape, just released as a beta, is a new take on desktop file management. I've seen several attempts at innovative user interfaces for file management in my day, some better than others, but this is the first one I've been really excited about. In the words of the author -- Stéphane at dockla...

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