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Launch Center Pro 1.1 adds native in-app actions, Action Composer, more

AppCubby has released Launch Center Pro 1.1 (US$2.99, currently on sale), a major update to its very useful utility for the iPhone (here's our full review of Launch Center Pro 1.0). This update brings many big additions, including native in-app actions, a re-designed Action Composer and...

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Access your Nest Thermostat from your Mac menu bar

The Nest Thermostat has been a hit since it was announced in late 2011. Apple sells them along with other retailers, and they were created by Tony Fadell, one of the fathers of the iPod when he was at Apple. The Nest can be accessed from a browser, or iOS apps that let you control all aspects...

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1Password 4 for iOS offers new interface, favorites, more

AgileBits has updated 1Password for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to version 4 with many super new changes. It's got a beautiful new look and very handy features such as favorites, a built-in tabbed browser, a brand-new setup process and even a "demo mode" for showing off to friends without...

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Checkmark 1.1 adds recurring reminders, snooze reminders, more

Checkmark is a reminder app from Snowman that we've reviewed before. In many ways, it's faster than using Apple's Reminders app, especially once you've created favorite locations and reminders. Version 1.1, released today, adds recurring reminders, snooze reminders and more, making a handy utility...

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Keyboard Maestro and the automation mindset

Keyboard Maestro always sounded like a useful app, but I wasn't sure how I would ever use it. Now that I have it, I keep finding new ways to use it. I think Keyboard Maestro is perhaps one of the more difficult apps to explain, because how I use it might vary greatly from how you use it, but...

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Notification Hacking with Scheduled Notifications utility

A while back, Matt Gemmell wrote a great little US$3.00 utility called Sticky Notifications that merged Mountain Lion's notification center with sticky notes. It allows you to pin reminders to your desktop. Now, Jeremy Tregunna has released a time-triggered twist on the idea. His Scheduled...

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SlimBatteryMonitor a better menu bar battery monitor

One of the annoyances of Mountain Lion has been the loss of the option to have the remaining battery time shown in the menu bar. Fortunately I can offer you not only a solution, but a better option, all for the low, low price of $0. I have used SlimBatteryMonitor instead of Apple's menu bar...

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Put colorful Finder icons back in Mountain Lion

OS X Lion introduced greyscale Finder icons in the side bar of Finder windows. They look nice, but many think their colorful counterparts were nicer. SideEffects lets you replace them. This simple Mac utility installs components that enable color Finder sidebar icons in both Lion and Mountain...

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Maniacally cuckoo for Mountain Lion: App Store checker shell script

In the spirit of Tim Cook's maniacal excitement about upcoming Apple products, I bring to you the shell script you can run repeatedly from the command line to check the App Store to see if Mountain Lion is ready for purchase. This is what I used last year to check for Lion; it worked. This...

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Checkmark for iPhone now available, simplifies reminders

Checkmark for iPhone, a new reminder app from Snowman, is now available. The app was teased earlier this month and is in the App Store for an introductory price of US$0.99. As I said before, Checkmark makes it easy to create location- and time-based reminders. Here's a look at Checkmark for...

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Checkmark is a handy new reminder app for iPhone

Checkmark is a new reminder app for iPhone from Snowman. I've been using it for a while now, and can tell you that it's faster than Apple's Reminders with unique, useful features. Checkmark builds on location-based reminders. What's nice is that you can create buttons for oft-visited locations...

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Perian posts end of life notice. Mac video enthusiasts weep.

Perian has been a steadfast friend on my computer for years. With Perian, nearly any video format I throw at QuickTime simply works. Perian has been a wonder. It supports AVI. It supports DivX. It supports MKV. It's been one of the best and most useful tools I have had access to and invariably...

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Alfred updated with new themes, drag-and-drop support

Alfred for Mac (our review from last year) has been updated to version 1.2. Alfred is a utility that's part app launcher, part navigation tool and part web service. This updated adds two new themes: Dark and Smooth & Pistachio (I prefer the original). There's also support for large type which...

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Disk Art visualizes hard drive space usage

When an email from the Clean Cut Code, the makers of Disk Art, showed up in our inbox yesterday, I jumped at the chance to take a peek. I'm a huge fan of Grand Perspective's space visualization software and am always happy to try out another app to see how it compares. Disk Art, which is...

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Daily Mac App: DragonDrop provides a Finder caddy for your drag-and-drop files

Sometimes there are problems you didn't even know you had -- and solutions that make your life so much better. DragonDrop is one of those solutions. You know when you have to drag items between folders and you end up juggling multiple Finder windows? It's such a pain getting both windows...

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