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Liquid Information is like a Swiss Army knife for text

Liquid Information is one of those time-saving utilities that you can't live without once you start using it. Advertised as a "Swiss Army knife of text," the OS X utility lets you select a string of text in any app then search, look up, translate, calculate and share that information quickly....

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Gemini now finds duplicates in iPhoto and iTunes

Gemini from MacPaw is one of those utilities you don't use every day, but is extremely handy to have around. The OS X software excels at finding duplicate files on internal drives, external drives or network volumes. It scans a folder at lightning speed, while giving you the option to view your...

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TUAW Origin Stories: Picky

Picky used to be Pod+, but since WWDC (when this was filmed), the developer has changed the name. The idea behind Picky is simple: a tool for quickly filtering through artists and songs by viewing them based on how many songs of theirs are on your iOS device. When Pod+ became Picky, the dev who...

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Daily iPhone App: GPS4CAM adds geolocation to your DSLR photos

While many photography applications like iPhoto and Aperture can make use of GPS information in terms of grouping pictures by location, there aren't a lot of cameras that have built-in GPS receivers. Of course, that's not a problem if you do all or most of your photography with an iPhone, since...

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Friday Favorite: Bartender

There comes a time in a power user's life when the number of his menu bar applications exceeds the amount of real estate in the menu bar, a condition made worse by primary applications with a lot of menus. The cure for this? A handy little app, which is still undergoing testing, called...

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Friday Favorite: Desktop Tidy

Part of my blogging workflow uses Skitch for screenshots. As a result, I wind up with images all over my desktop at the end of the day like, well, a messy desktop after a busy day. If you find yourself with files constantly cluttering your desktop as well, check out Desktop Tidy on the Mac App...

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DevJuice: Sim Launcher updated

Landon Fuller of the Plausible Labs cooperative has just updated simlaunch, a github project that allows you to create iOS Simulator application bundles that launch from the desktop. This utility helps developers to share builds for testing, for promotion, and for fun that run on the Mac...

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Daily Mac App: DragonDrop provides a Finder caddy for your drag-and-drop files

Sometimes there are problems you didn't even know you had -- and solutions that make your life so much better. DragonDrop is one of those solutions. You know when you have to drag items between folders and you end up juggling multiple Finder windows? It's such a pain getting both windows...

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German court halts Apple's second slide-to-unlock case against Samsung

The Mannheim Court in Germany has delayed Apple's second slide-to-unlock case against Samsung, says FOSS Patents. During this pause in proceedings, the German Patent and Trademark Office is examining the validity of Apple's slide-to-unlock utility model. A utility model is a quickly-approved...

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Daily Mac App: Gemini finds and removes duplicate files

After years of buying hard drives and moving files around, digital hoarders like myself eventually wind up with duplicate files all over the place. A few gigabytes here and there can add up, so Gemini aims to help you find and delete duplicate files across devices. It's a beautifully designed app,...

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1Password Pro grabs the TUAW Best of 2011 iPad utility app award

The latest TUAW Best of 2011 award should come as no surprise, particularly since the winner also topped the iPhone utility app voting. 1Password Pro (US$14.99) was voted by TUAW readers as the best iPad utility app of 2011, pulling in a whopping 56.6 percent of the votes. Why has this app...

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Daily Mac App: Typingstats

Typing- whether it's writing a blog post or responding to an email, almost everyone with a computer has to type. So why not make it fun? One way to liven up your typing experience is to use the small utility Typingstats. Typingstats is an OS X app that sits in your menu bar and keeps track of...

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Covert Chirp offers camouflaged Twitter for the workplace

You're in an important meeting. The voices are droning on about procedural nonsense and forward looking outlooks. No one is paying attention. You're dying for any kind of mental stimulation. You reach for your iPhone. You launch Twitter. Then, Dwight the worker bee sitting next to you decides...

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Daily iPhone App: Nixie Clock

I'm probably a little weird, but sometimes I love listening to police scanners and various chit chat as I'm going to bed. I also like analog devices, so a Nixie Clock Radio seemed like a neat idea: the look of the classic Nixie clock merged with streaming radio and an alarm/sleep timer. It works...

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Daily Mac App: Mi-Fi Monitor

I don't travel a lot, but I do have a MiFi which I use during the frequent power outages that seem to plague the area where I live. To help monitor my connection and the battery life of my MiFi, I use a Mac utility called Mi-Fi Monitor. It resides in the menu bar and displays both a battery...

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