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Talkcast tonight, 10 pm ET/7 pm PT: Pre-Valentine's potpourri edition

The annual flurry of chocolate, flowers and crowded restaurants is only a few days away! Valentine's Day is this coming Thursday, so tonight we'll talk Apple-themed romance. How can you charm and celebrate the beloved geek in your life? Then again, if you are the Mac geek in your relationship, ho...

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Apps for Valentine's Day

Image: Shutterstock Today's smartphones are, by their nature, quite versatile. It's impossible to guide every lover on Valentine's Day to the app for their particular needs, because despite the requisite "flowers, chocolate, *something*" expectations, we all do it differently. I tried to round up ...

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Apple ships Airport Extremes ahead of schedule

It looks like Apple has been able to produce the new Airport Extreme base stations a little faster than expected. No longer is the estimated ship date 'February,' which is a little vague. The Apple Store now tells us that the base stations will be shipping in 2-3 weeks (mid-February!). Also of note...

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Lead time for iPod engraving grows short

Want to order an engraved iPod for Valentines day? Time's running out. To order a laser-engraved iPod to say that certain-something to your certain-someone, you better get your order in no later than the 6th of February. Think of all the wonderful things you could say: "Be my Valentine", "I love yo...

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iPod Valentines Negligee

With Valentines Day around the corner, here's yet a TUAW gift idea for your special someone: iPod lingerie. For only $24, add a little spice to your someone's iPod and get into that Valentine's mood. Or if you don't have a special someone in your life, you can just dress up your iPod for the fun of ...

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When did you fall in love with the Mac?

Since it is Valentine's Day I thought it would be fun for folks to post about the moment that they fell in love with a Mac. I'll tell you that my first experiences with a Mac were in grammar school on an Apple II (who needs a hard disk?!) but the Mac that really got me was the iMac. This is the com...

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