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Warren Buffett speaks out on Apple's cash pile

Warren Buffet was on CNBC yesterday, and the famous investor had some opinions about Apple, its stock price and the enormous pile of cash it's sitting on lately. His basic thoughts, not surprisingly, were just for Apple to keep making money. "The best thing you can do with a business is run it ...

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Minecraft's mobile version outsold others by volume in 2012

Minecraft creators Mojang have released stats on how the game's various platform clients (Windows/Mac, Xbox 360 and of course iOS and Android) have been selling, and the numbers have a surprise. The mobile version is outselling everything else by volume. As you can see above, Christmas sales bo...

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Study: iPad holds value longer than Kindle

Electronics retailer Gazelle has been calculating up the various values of used electronics, and the firm has found that the iPad will hold its value way better than the Amazon Kindle has so far. The Kindle e-readers have only held, at the most, about 33% of their price after a year of use, while ...

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Apple Store almost worth as much as the White House

There are several different ways to judge the success of a company. You have earnings reports, brand value and market value. For retailers, there's sales-per-square-foot which places a monetary figure on the sales and the size of a store. CNN calculated Apple's sales-per-square-foot value and dete...

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Apple jumps to 9th most valuable brand in the world

Apple is now the eighth most valuable brand in the world says a recent Bloomberg report that ranks the top 100 global brands. The brand rankings use five unnamed criteria and exclude privately-held companies. Brand value includes the name, logo, image, and other intangibles which identifies a com...

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App Store hypothetical market cap beats RIM's value

Research in Motion, maker of the once-ubiquitous BlackBerry, hasn't been doing so well this year. As each month goes buy, its smartphone continues to lose market share to the likes of Apple's iPhone and Android-powered phones. Just last week, RIM's stock sank after dismal quarterly earnings and...

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Mobclix finds the monthly value of an app user

Mobile advertiser Mobclix put together this infographic supposedly showing the "monthly value of an app user." It's the monthly advertising revenue for each app category listed, divided by the average number of users in a given month. As you can see above, iPhone apps are clearly generating more re...

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Apple's market cap passes $300 billion

After blasting through the $330 per share for Apple's stock today, the company now has a market capitalization valued at around $302 billion dollars. While market cap isn't everything, this is a substantial shift from the way things used to be. Apple used to be the underdog! Remember when Apple w...

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Pricing the tablet: How high can they go?

With the Apple tablet due to be announced next Wednesday, we've been seeing a lot of possible price points thrown around. Will the tablet retail for $999? Or is a $699 or $799 unit in the cards? It's really hard to say because as with all retail, both price and value depend a good deal on supply and...

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Save a little on your existing AT&T iPhone plan

Update: It appears that this post describes a sponsorship discount (business/school/etc). Those users get a percentage off of their monthly plan ($29.99 voice plan and iPhone data charge excluded). Those who do not see this as an option lack the corporate discount; those who do are seeing what the...

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In-app purchases not so hot for some developers

PocketGamer.biz has an interesting interview up with Pangea, makers of the iPhone physics puzzle game Enigmo, and they say that so far, their experience with in-app purchases has been pretty lukewarm. The software itself has sold over a million copies, but only a very small number of those customers...

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