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Left 4 Dead 2 coming to the Mac this Tuesday

This is it -- the rumors were true! The last non-Mac holdout of Valve's Source titles is Left 4 Dead, the zombie-killing shooter featuring four survivors and a whole lot of undead, but that's about to change. The official site for the newest Left 4 Dead 2 downloadable content, "The Sacrifice," confi...

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Garry's Mod out for Mac

Valve has released another Steam Play Mac title, and this time it's Garry's Mod, the wild sandbox physics editor that uses assets from Half Life 2 to create whatever you want. The mod is probably most famous for its Rube Goldberg-style creations, but it's also very handy for machinima and other gra...

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Rumor: Left 4 Dead on the Mac by October 5?

Left 4 Dead is the last promised Valve title to see release on Steam for Mac, and yet we haven't heard anything about an official release date. Valve was moving along pretty well for a while there, releasing games for our platform every Wednesday. But they've petered out lately, leaving a lot of Ma...

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Valve talks gaming on the Mac, says best is yet to come

Valve's Jason Holtman and Doug Lombardi recently sat down with to discuss their big release of Steam on the Mac, and not only do they reiterate that great stat that games released on the Mac see a nice bump in sales, but they say that the best days of Mac gaming are yet to come. T...

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Valve to release GL code, games on Mac see sales bumps

Boy, if you had to choose one company (including Apple) that has really led the charge for Mac gaming recently, I'd have to say Valve takes the cake, and that's no lie. Not only has the company brought an unprecedented set of quality titles to the Mac with Steam, but it's now announced that it will...

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Day of Defeat now available for the Mac

One more classic Steam title has been added to the Mac lineup -- Day of Defeat is now available on the OS X version of Steam. It's a Source-engine WWII multiplayer shooter that's not quite as popular as Counter-Strike or Team Fortress 2 (both of which are also available on the Mac at this point), b...

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Crazy summer Steam sale includes some fantastic Mac games

The PC gaming community has long enjoyed the ridiculously awesome Steam sales Valve loves to break out during holidays and at other fun times of the year. The sales deliver game bundles for crazy cheap prices, even on AAA current titles. Steam's summer sale kicked off a couple of days ago. For th...

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TUAW's Daily App: Leap Sheep! HD

I'm actually writing this post very, very, very late on Sunday night. I was up far too late working and playing video games, so a game like Leap Sheep! HD turns out to be perfect for this time of day. Leap Sheep is the first iPhone game from Turtle Rock Studios, a company that's worked with Valve i...

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Counter-Strike Source out for Mac

Just in case you missed it yesterday, Counter-Strike is now available ... wait for it ... for the Mac. Yes, possibly the most premiere PC game of all time is now playable (specifically the Source version) natively on the Mac, thanks to Valve's own Steam distribution service. And it's another Steam ...

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OS X grabs 8% share on Steam

Valve has released the first Steam Hardware Survey since their Steam platform released for the Mac, and OS X has gained 8% of the market share already in its various iterations. Most of the Mac users are running 10.6.3, not surprising, given that those most likely to have the latest operating syste...

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Steam for Mac: Uses OpenGL, Intel-only, 10.5 or higher

Details have emerged regarding Valve's release of its Steam games platform for the Mac. Forum sleuths at Steam's site have put together a list entitled "What we think/know about Steam for Mac" that gives us some information about the forthcoming release of Steam for OS X. Among the more interesti...

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Waiting for Left 4 Dead on the Mac? Wait a little longer

Back in March, the Mac gaming world got excited when Valve announced their Steam gaming software was coming to the Mac -- along with Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal, and the Half Life series. The same day, Valve said Steam would ship in April, to be proceeded by a beta test in...

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Valve calls for Steam for Mac beta testers

Several readers tipped us off yesterday that Valve has put the call out to Mac beta testers. To be considered for the Steam for Mac beta you simply need to go to the Mac beta page and log in using your Steam account user name and password. If you don't have one, you can quickly register. Once log...

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Valve: Coming to the Mac is "biggest event in Steam's history"

The good folks at Joystiq got to sit down and talk with John Cook, the director of Steam at Valve, and he says there's probably no comparison to the news about Steam coming to the Mac -- it is "the biggest event in Steam's history." He says that not only is it big news for the company and its servi...

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Valve on Mac piques interest from other game developers

Now that Valve has committed to offering full support for the Mac for both its in-house games and Steam, its digital game delivery system, other developers are expressing interest in the Mac as a gaming platform, too. Gas Powered Games, creator of Supreme Commander 2, Kings and Castles, and Dunge...

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