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Tag: video chat

Skype hedges on FaceTime compatibility

As we noted on last night's special Talkcast, it seems inevitable that a desktop video-chat service will announce compatibility with Apple's iPhone 4 FaceTime feature sooner rather than later. Since Apple has its own chat tool that includes video, one imagines that iChat will be FaceTime friendly be...

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Engadget: Sam Mendes shooting Apple ads, video chat to be featured

Here's another juicy iPhone rumor. Engadget reports that American Beauty director Sam Mendes will be shooting the next batch of Apple ads, and at least one will feature video chat. Quoting some rather telling tweets, Engadget has put together that auditions are underway. An actress posted the ...

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Apple previews icon of iPhone video chat app? Probably not.

On their Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 page, Apple has posted a series of icons, one of which looks like it could be the new icon for the rumored iChat video conferencing app that will be used to take advantage of the 4G iPhone's front facing camera. As you can see from the series of twel...

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Microsoft Messenger 8 reaches beta, adds video chat

It was several months ago when Microsoft last updated us on the progress of videoconferencing capability within Messenger for Mac; while version 7 added A/V support for corporate accounts connected to Live Communications Server, the crowd of personal users who connect to MSN/Windows Live were left o...

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Hints of video chat for iPhones and iPads

UPDATE: Engadget confirms video support, file downloads and local storage, plus more text tools (user entries in Dictionary, for example), location-aware ads in Maps, the ability to draw to external displays and prototype support for a "handwriting keyboard." Neat! 9to5Mac reports that it has fou...

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fring for iPhone updated with free one-way video calling

fring, the free iPhone app that allows users to connect to multiple IM accounts at once, including Skype, has been updated today [iTunes Link]. fring now incorporates free video calls for fring-to-fring or fring-to-Skype chats. Before you get too excited, you should know that on the iPhone and iP...

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Skype 2.8 for Mac gets update for Snow Leopard

Skype 2.8, with hot fixes for Mac OS X 10.6, is available for your downloading pleasure. It's a micro update of the summertime release of Skype 2.8; the version number is now up to The release date is listed as September 17. Version 2.8, originally released in July, included features l...

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