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Streaming video from your iPhone? They crippled the app for that.

Qik [iTunes link] is an eagerly awaited free app for the iPhone. Most other video capable phones have a version of it. Qik allows, among other things, live streaming from your phone to the web. How could someone not want that capability? Early on, Qik offered a version for jailbroken phones that wor...

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Qik to offer streaming for iPhone users

Qik is making sure that Flixwagon doesn't beat them at their own game. Video streaming from mobile devices has quickly become very popular, and Mashable has a video that Qik sent them in which they demo their soon-to-be-in-alpha release of Qik for the iPhone. Currently, Qik streams from devices lik...

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Apple to introduce iTunes Movie Store, new iMac, iPod nano, and video streaming device?

Wow, that's a long title. Blame it on AppleInsider, who believes most -- if not all -- of those yummy goodies will be delivered to us in a nice wrapped package by The Jobs himself at next week's supposed media event. According to the rumor peddler, at the yet-unconfirmed September 12th event Jobs wi...

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