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Tag: videoediting

Cameo enters the social video world with a clever and powerful app

Cameo is a new free social video app that aims to compete with the likes of Vine and Instagram. The app sports some powerful features and has enough advantages that people who love to share videos will want to give it a shake. The app allows you to take as many videos as you want. All the videos ar...

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Mac pros react to the Mac Pro

It's been over a week since Apple announced the new Mac Pro, and while public opinion has been quite positive, the creative professionals who will most likely be the target market for the shiny cylinder haven't been heard from... until now. Macworld UK's Karen Haslam followed up with a number of p...

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Clinch for iOS can turn you into a pretty capable movie maker

Clinch is an free video editor that is mostly hands-off. Throw it some photos or video, and the app will edit, add music and assemble your raw material into an attractive video that you can share with friends and families. You get some degree of control and can add captions, a theme and a sound...

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Apple updates Final Cut Pro X

Though not announced during its big October event, Apple also included Final Cut Pro X in its list of apps that the company updated yesterday. The latest version (10.0.6) of the video editing software now supports native RAW editing of content from RED cameras, lets you expand multichannel audi...

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Flip cam software reborn as iPhone app Givit

Ah, I remember the little Flip Mino, a pocket HD recorder that took the world by storm and then sank beneath the waves of competition from smartphones that could perform a similar task. The developers behind the Flip software now have a new social iPhone app to take on Viddy and SocialCam and m...

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Avid Studio for iPad loses support, replaced with Pinnacle Studio

You might get a surprise when you open Avid Studio on the iPad today. A pop-up message advises users that the app won't get any more support. Users are urged to download Pinnacle Studio, a similar high-end editing app owned by Corel. The changes are a result of Corel buying the consumer line of A...

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Avid Studio takes iPad video editing to the next level (Updated)

Updated to clarify that Avid Media Composer is cross-platform. Avid Studio on the desktop is a Windows-only product. Take that, Apple! Avid has just released an iPad iMovie competitor called Avid Studio. The US$4.99 app is a scaled-down version of Avid's pro video editing tools. Avid Studio feature...

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Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 10 & Premiere Elements 10 for Mac

Today Adobe announced new versions of its consumer flagship photo and video editing applications. Photoshop Elements 10 adds new features including 100 paint and effects patterns, depth of field simulation, and the ability to find photos that contain certain objects, like your dog or a hat. Pho...

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Sales of Adobe video tools grow, thanks to Final Cut X

Final Cut Pro X launched earlier this year and casued much controversy. Consumers lauded the app as a relatively inexpensive upgrade to iMovie; while video professionals were discontent with what they considered to be a dumbed down application. The biggest winner in this war over Final Cut Pro X i...

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What do you want to see in the next Final Cut Studio?

It's no secret that many post-production professionals feel Final Cut Studio has been falling behind over the last two years. While Apple has taken its time developing a new version of its video suite, competitors like Adobe have jumped ahead with significant updates; some have even questioned ...

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Vimeo for iPhone now available, features video editor

Vimeo expanded its video hosting service to include an iPhone application today. The new mobile application is integrated tightly into the Vimeo service and lets you easily edit and manage your existing video content as well as add new content recorded on your iOS device. The Vimeo applicatio...

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Making vacation videos on your iPad with ReelDirector 3.0

If you're still on vacation and reading this on your iPad, it's time to get moving on editing those trip videos you've been shooting over the last four days. You know, all that video of the kids at the beach that you took with your AVCHD camcorder and iPhone. What? You don't have your Mac with you? ...

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First Look: video editing on your iPhone with Nexvio ReelDirector

With the introduction of the iPhone 3GS back in June of this year, iPhone lovers finally got what a lot of other smartphones already had -- video recording capabilities. A little over a week later, I wrote a post titled "How to make iPhone videos sparkle with iMovie." At the time I remember thinking...

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ScreenFlow 1.5, now with 100% more text annotation

For semi-pro and professional screencasters working on Macs, Screenflow has reigned for a year as the closest thing available to the Windows-only category leader Camtasia Studio. It not only records your screen, your video camera or iSight, your audio input and system audio simultaneously, it provid...

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Maybe iMovie '08 isn't such a bad change after all

Many folks who were used to the array of features iMovie '06 offered were understandably upset when iMovie '08 uprooted just about everything they knew. After all, they had the figurative rug pulled out right from under them. Eric at no one sequel, however, doesn't see this as a bad thing. Eric's en...

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