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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Syncing music with Android Phones

This week, another Matt asks how to sync his iTunes music and videos to his new Android-based phone. In the video we show two very simple to use applications that can accomplish the task. Applications mentioned in this video: doubleTwist - free for wired sync, US$4.99 for wireless sync ...

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View NBC's The Cape premiere via iPad app (or not)

NBC's new superhero-themed show The Cape officially debuts its two-hour premiere on TV this coming Sunday night (9 PM EST), but there's at least one way you can get a look at its first hour, legally. The free DC Comics app on iPad now has a link that allows users to view the first hour of The Ca...

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Steve Young Football for iPad ads spoof 90s commercials

Apparently there is an iPad game behind these crazy commercials, but we posted them mainly because they're hilarious. The spot above will be familiar to anyone who grew up in the '90s as a spoof of the old Crossfire commercials that took a mechanical board game way too seriously. You'd probably be ...

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Found Footage: Case-mate will freak you out with iPhone case commercials

Case-mate has decided to promote its new iPhone and iPad case-making site (one tip, Case-mate: Don't create an iPhone case site that requires Flash) with some videos, and rather than put together images of how great the cases work or how good they look, the ad people decided to just jump right in...

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Thieves steal iPad, finger

Ugh, this is a grisly one -- Bill Jordan picked up an iPad for someone else the other day from an Apple Store in a Colorado mall near him, and as he walked away, some thieves grabbed his bag away so quickly that it took part of his finger off. Scary stuff -- apparently two young men followed him ou...

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First Look: polyhedra XL for iPad

Bob Koon, President and Tech Director of Binary Hammer, was kind enough to pass along this sneak peek for their upcoming polyhedra XL for the iPad. This larger sized version of their award winning polyhedra game introduces new game play and provides an enhanced soundtrack, as you can see (and lis...

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Eye-Fi Pro X2 cards have arrived, and you probably want one

I pre-ordered an Eye-Fi Pro X2 from Amazon a few weeks ago. (Don't be too jealous, I did it when I decided that I was going to have to wait for an iPad for financial reasons.) This is not my first Eye-Fi card, as I bought a 2GB version a few years ago -- and quite frankly, I hated it and thought it ...

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Tricking your iPhone to play TV shows and movies in portrait view

By default, movies and TV shows in the iPod portion of the iPhone and iPod touch play in landscape view. The biggest change with respect to video orientation came about with iPhone OS 2.0, which provided the option for landscape-right viewing (that is, with the volume and silent/vibrate buttons fac...

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White House releases official app for free

The White House (as in, the home of the American President Barack Obama) has introduced a brand new iPhone app, according to White House blogger Dave Cole. The app is a one-stop shop for everything there is to know about what the president's up to, including blog posts, a newsroom, photos, videos, ...

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Giant Bomb makes an app (and, more importantly, a commercial)

Unless you're a fan of their website, you probably don't need the Giant Bomb iPhone app. It's a pretty limited use piece of software. While it does offer easy access to everything on their site, including videos, reviews, previews, and so on, it actually costs $1.99, an...

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Batch tagging your iTunes videos the easy way

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet If we applied Shakespeare's logic to today's digital age, then it would also mean that watching mis-tagged or untagged videos on your Apple device (be it a Mac, iPhone, iPod or Apple TV) would be just as enjoyab...

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Apple posts iPhone 3G S videos

Apple has posted two new videos on its main page. An iPhone Guided Tour introduces the iPhone 3G S model with all its new features. You'll see how to shoot a video and edit it on your iPhone, make calls and play songs using voice commands, get a preview of the 3.0 Spotlight feature in action, and ...

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Skill up on Adobe products with free video tutorials

It's no secret that the American economy is suffering, and many of us are experiencing the cold-water shock of abrupt career shifts and planned or unexpected part-timer-ification. Want to spark up your value to an employer, or gain some new skills to improve your freelance mojo? Adobe's free video ...

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TUAW Tip: Removing duplicate songs from iTunes

Have you ever been listening your iTunes library and wondered why a song played more than one time? Duplicate songs in your library can be very annoying, and waste precious space on your hard drive. In this TUAW Tip, I'm going to show you how to get rid of duplicates using a built-in feature in iTun...

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Zaprudering the iPhone: Updated Internet Videos at Apple

Over at Apple, several of the iPhone example videos have undergone an upgrade. During the past week or two, many of the videos went from a 2-D (straight on) look to a 3-D (iPhone tilted away) look. Today, the Internet videos went a bit further. Here are some of the changes between the old and the ne...

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