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iOS 7 video tip: Tweaking the Calendar time picker

TUAW reader Rob Kellogg sent us this nifty tip we hadn't seen before. When you're entering event start and end times in the iOS 7 Calendar app, the minutes in the time picker usually flow by one by one, which can make time entry relatively slow. With this simple trick, you can change the picker to...

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TUAW video tip: Enabling and configuring Do Not Disturb in OS X Mavericks

Way back in October of 2013, when iOS 7 was still fresh in our minds and discovery of new features was a joy, TUAW presented a video tip on how to use Do Not Disturb in iOS 7 to keep your device from waking you at night. But did you know that OS X Mavericks has a similar capability? If you're like...

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TUAW video tip: Using Wireless Diagnostics to fine-tune your WiFi network

If you're wondering if your WiFi network is operating at peak efficiency, we have just the video tip for you today. Mac OS X features a utility called Wireless Diagnostics that can be used to quickly determine the best channels on your WiFi network. You can then use whatever tool is included with ...

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A year-end roundup of TUAW's most popular iOS 7 video tips

When iOS 7 hit the ground running on September 18, 2013, many users upgraded quickly and then promptly spent the next weeks wondering how to do things that had become second nature under iOS 6 and earlier versions. TUAW began a series of video tips at that time that has been extremely popular and ...

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TUAW video tip: Creating Contacts groups on a PC

Mac users have been able to create groups in Contacts (formerly Address Book) for years. It's a wonderful way to group together various contacts so that you can send an email or message to all the parties in question by addressing it to the group instead of the individuals. There's one little issu...

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TUAW video tip: How to "double-wrap" your MacBook power adapter (updated)

It's the Mac tip that's taking the Internet by storm! Just yesterday, Twitter user J Cornelius tweeted out the following: MacBook Pro tip: Use the small cable to hold the big cable in place. - J Cornelius (@jc) December 10, 2013 Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands o...

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TUAW video tip: Silencing the "silent mode" vibration buzzer

Ah, that "silent mode" vibrating buzzer. Sometimes when you least expect -- or want -- to hear it, that buzzing starts up and it can wake light sleepers. In today's video tip, we show you how to make sure that silent mode is truly silent. As with our other video tips, you can easily switch this t...

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iOS 7 video tip: Using Siri to change or check settings on your device

One of the new features of iOS 7 is the ability to change or check settings on your device simply by asking Siri. These commands can be ultra-helpful if you are unsure where to change a command in settings. In this short video tip, we'll show you a sampling of the commands you can use to view, enabl...

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iMovie 10 for Mac: TUAW hands-on video walkthrough

Apple announced the latest version of its popular entry-level video editor iMovie 10 as part of the new iLife application suite. The updated version features major changes to the interface, as it has been redesigned to make it easier to create and share your videos. This walkthrough video will hop...

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OS X Mavericks video tip: Using Automator and Speakable Items to control your Mac by voice

Earlier today, I highlighted some of the changes to Automator and AppleScript in OS X Mavericks. One of those feature changes involves the ability for Automator workflows and applications to be saved as Speakable Items. Speakable Items are items that can be launched by voice through the use of speec...

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iOS 7 video tip: Using and managing dictionaries

Did you know that dictionaries are built into iOS? They are literally a tap away, and can define almost any word that you need to know the meaning of. In today's iOS 7 video tip, we'll not only talk about how to use dictionaries, but also how to add and manage dictionaries. As with all of our oth...

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iOS 7 video tip: Associating Touch ID fingerprints with fingers

Today's iOS 7 video tip is for iPhone 5s owners who want to know more about Touch ID fingerprints. While the device simply stores fingerprints as "Fingerprint 1," "Fingerprint 2" and so on, you might want to know which finger corresponds to that title. We'll show you how, courtesy of the original ...

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iOS 7 video tip: Where is Apple hiding AirPlay Mirroring?

While not everyone uses AirPlay Mirroring to display their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen on a TV through an Apple TV, that capability is surprisingly popular with those who need to teach or demonstrate iOS apps. In the iOS 6 days, you could get to AirPlay Mirroring by double-tapping the Home ...

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iOS 7 video tip: Using Do Not Disturb on the iPhone

While the purpose of smartphones is to let us receive verbal and written communications from others, there are certain times when you don't necessarily want your phone to beep, ring or otherwise make a noise or show a notification. Do Not Disturb is a handy setting that lets you choose when you wa...

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iOS 7 video tip: View tweeted links in Mobile Safari

Today's video tip highlights a little-known feature in Safari under iOS 7. At any time while you're using the mobile browser, tap on the bookmarks button, then tap the "@" button to see links that have been shared via Twitter by people you follow. Once you've found a link you want to look at, tap...

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