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Lonely Planet giving away free iPhone guides in honor of Eyjafjallajökull messing with Europe

Did Eyjafjallajökull mess your week up? The answer is probably "no" if you're asking who Eyjafjallajökull is. For those of us who did have our week interrupted by that big exploding volcano in Iceland, Lonely Planet is offering thirteen of its City Guides for free in the App Store (and ...

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NetNewsWire vs. Vienna

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is becoming an ever more popular way to read online content quickly and without having to visit individual websites. As RSS feeds becomes more popular, so do the RSS readers that allow you to access the feeds. In my opinion, the two best RSS readers on the Mac...

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Vienna 2.2 is available

Just eight weeks after the teaser announcement, Vienna 2.2 has been released. I have been happily using Vienna for months. It's a light and simple RSS reader that's free and open. What more do you need? How about (new to version 2.2): Snappier performance Major UI improvements (no more brushed...

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Vienna 2.2 being prepped for release

Vienna is a free, open source news reader that we like (we've written about it here); it's not as full-featured as NetNewsWire but it's a pretty slick app. The Vienna Development Team is preparing to release version 2.2, which will feature a huge list of changes and improvements, including: A ne...

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Vienna 2.1 preview

Some people have given us flack for focusing too much on one particular RSS reader, so I thought I would help the Vienna 2.1 preview. Vienna is a full featured open source RSS reader for OS X (and you know what means, it is free). 2.1 brings with it a host of new features including: A new 'Uni...

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