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Downloads for iOS is a decent file manager with limitations

Downloads - File Downloader & Manager is, as the name suggests, a universal app for iPhone and iPad that can download various types of files like documents, images, ZIP and RAR files. The app can then display certain (but not all) files you've downloaded using its built-in viewer. It's free in...

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Doctape file viewer launches for iOS

Now that Dropbox and a million other cloud storage utilities have put virtually any file type we want within reach of our iOS devices there's just one problem left to solve: How do you open up uncommon file types? To quote late night television "there has to be a better way." Cloud storage company D...

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Free Pokemon TV app wants to be the very best, like no one ever was

I'll admit it: I may have just written this post for the headline. But an official app from Nintendo's huge pet-hunting franchise is always news, and a free app like this might be just the thing to keep your kids busy for cheap while they're playing with the iPhone or iPad on a long car ride. Y...

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Incredible music visualizer Planetary brings a galaxy of music to your iPad

Here's the short version: if you have an iPad, and you listen to music, go to the App Store and download Planetary right now. It's that good. Planetary is a free music visualizer for the iPad, and if its design ethos looks somewhat familiar, there's a reason. Bloom Studio, maker of Planetary,...

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OnLive iPad app now available, but doesn't support gameplay streaming yet

OnLive has finally released an iPad app called OnLive Viewer -- but it probably doesn't do what you want it to quite yet. The cloud gaming service OnLive has been making a name for itself since it went online recently, by streaming live gameplay out to Macs, PCs and the company's official console b...

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TUAW Tip: open a second Mail window to stay productive

This whole 'electronic mail' really seems to have taken off with the internets, and we need to rely on it for an increasing amount of communication with email lists, coworkers, friends and more. While many Mail.app users have at least some sort of Rules system for filing messages into folders (or ta...

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Widget Watch: YouTube widget

As if you can't waste enough time at YouTube, Sport Monkey Design has doomed the productivity levels of Tiger users everywhere by bringing YouTube to the Dashboard. The YouTube Widget isn't so much of a viewer for videos, but it lets you view a list of new videos and filter them by tags, user and ev...

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