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Tag: vintage

Command key USB stick

Here's an awesome little tidbit. Apple fan Laurent Bourrelly, who runs pomme-c, was rooting though his pile of Apple goodies when inspiration struck. Why not build a USB flash storage device out of a spare key? The result is the gizmo you see at right: a USB Command key. If you'd like to build yo...

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Found Footage: Twitter on an Apple IIe (kind of)

Here's a great video from technabob that shows an Apple IIe displaying archived Tweets from a 5.25-inch floppy disk, complete with lo-res graphics. Here's how it works. Modder Yergacheffe uses a PC for interacting with Twitter. He hacked together a PC-to-Apple IIe interface for moving data t...

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Grackle68k: a Classic Mac OS Twitter app

It's always nice to own the latest and greatest Apple hardware, but some of us still use vintage machines. I've got a G3 All-In-One on my workbench that displays iFixIt PDFs while I work. I'll admit that I've wanted to tweet from that machine from a dedicated app, and now I can. Grackle68k is a T...

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The growing list of unsupported Macs

Out with the old, in with the new. This week's hardware releases were met with new additions to Apple's vintage and obsolete hardware lists. The following have been added, and I'm sad to say that I'm still using the Dual Ethernet Airport Base Station: iBook G4 (Early 2004) iBook G4 (14" Early 2...

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TUAW Review: StuffIt Deluxe 2010

If there's one Mac application that has seemingly been around forever, it's StuffIt. This compression and archiving utility was the tool to use for compressing files years ago, and I'll still occasionally run into a .sit file extension when pulling up old files. The original application was the sour...

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Visua Mobile's old Apples collection

A couple of months ago I wound up in Paris and received a surprising direct message via Twitter from a young employee at Visua Mobile. Having nothing better to do in the City of Light, I wound up at their offices. I'm often suspect when a "mobile" development company rings me about their iPhone stab...

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TUAW First Look: Cellar puts your wine collection in your pocket

Beverage choice should be simple: coffee or tea to rev up, wine or beer to spin down (App Store links). Of course, when it comes to drink choices, there's definitely an app for that: from the makers of espresso-instructions app Barista, we now have the $0.99 Cellar (under App Store review and appea...

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TUAW 1986

Luxo Jr. gets Academy Award nomination Even though Steve Jobs is no longer with Apple, we're still interested in what he's doing. You'll remember that he bought a computer graphics company from director George Lucas last year (for a rumored $10 million), which he named "Pixar." We don't know how man...

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What every superhero needs: Watchmen black SE/30

Even though reviewers and early attendees have pointed out a slew of Apple references (including a snippet of the 1984 ad) in the Watchmen film, the one we've been waiting for most eagerly is the appearance of Adrian (Ozymandias) Veidt's sleek black SE/30. In the film version of 1985, it's what ever...

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Apple: Welcome to the obsolete list, PowerBook G4

Ars Technica reports that Apple will announce the latest additions to its list of vintage and obsolete machines on March 17. The list, initially reported through MacMerc, includes the following: The "vintage" machines are ones where service parts are available to repair machines purchased in Califor...

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Vintage games for the iPhone: Crystal Quest is back

Back when the Macintosh meant a machine with a built-in black & white screen, there were some extremely popular games -- but for the generation that remembers the introduction of the Mac II's color display, the unmistakable gameplay of Crystal Quest is sure to spark a deep sense of joy. Collecti...

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Found footage: Remembering Lisa

Alfred DiBlasi is at it again. A few months ago, he impressed us with the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh he found on ebay. What's impressive about that? It was still factory sealed. Never opened, never booted, never used. That's the kind of find that makes my beige, vintage heart flutter. This tim...

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Reminder, TUAW Talkcast 1st anniversary show at 10pm ET

If you haven't tuned in yet for last week's talkcast, go check it out -- it features Scott's farewell announcement and our cranky assessment of MobileMe's first weeks. Download direct, or subscribe to the TalkShoe feed in iTunes. Join us again tonight (Sunday 8/3) for our next live show, 10 pm ET ...

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Outspring puts the final nail in QuickMail's coffin

Back in the summer of 1989, as an eager, green college intern for a major publishing company, I arrived on my first day of work to find that my office wasn't so much an office as it was a storage room. Sure, it had ample space and ventilation, but it was a glorified closet all the same -- home to my...

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Vintage Apple books and software

Mad props to my parents for keeping our basement an Apple museum! Aside from a pristine Apple //c (with monochrome monitor), vintage Apple ][ ,and Mac SE/30 (with a color monitor card) they kept most if not all of our Mac and Apple programming books from my youth. A few games even survived, althou...

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