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Meet the company that is dangerously close to collecting 1% of Apple's iPhone and iPad revenue

If you've never heard the name VirnetX that's OK, since the company doesn't really make anything you use on a daily basis, but Apple knows the name all too well. The two companies have been entangled in a long legal battle over a handful of patents applying to Apple products like FaceTime, and you...

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Apple changes its position on iOS VPN changes

Earlier this month, Apple posted a support document on its website with details on how settings would change for iOS users connecting to virtual private networks (VPNs). Now the company has done an about-face, updating the document to inform the public that the changes will not happen. The ch...

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Apple forced to change VPN On Demand for iOS due to lawsuit from VirnetX

Apple has announced changes to their VPN on Demand service for iOS devices following a lawsuit by VirnetX. The changes will only effect devices using iOS 6.1 or later. The move come on the heels of a US$368 million ruling against Apple, where a federal jury found the company had violated Virnet...

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Apple ordered to pay VirnetX $363K daily in patent dispute

Here's one way to force two warring companies to hash things out. A federal judge has ordered Apple to cough up more than US$360,000 daily to VirnetX until the two can come to an agreement on the former licensing four of the latter's patents. The penalties stem from a verdict delivered in Novem...

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