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Move your Boot Camp install of Windows to Parallels

Boot Camp and Parallels: two very different ways to run Windows on your Mac and never the twain shall meet, right? Not so fast, there is a way to migrate your Windows install from a Boot Camp install (or for that matter ANY Windows install whether it be on a Mac or a PC) to Parallels. It isn't exact...

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Virtual PC goes free - but not for Mac OS X

Good news everyone: Microsoft has released Virtual PC into the wild for free - but not for 'the rest of us'. That's right: an announcement on a MSDN blog (Microsoft Developer Network) has released Virtual PC 2004 as a free download for Windows users, and it offers details of VPC 2007 along the lines...

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Apple's Windows site mentions Parallels Desktop instead of Boot Camp

"If you've ever wished you could enjoy the best of both worlds, now you can" is a phrase at the bottom of Apple's Windows section of their Get a Mac site, and I think they mean that phrase now more than ever. I can't even find Apple's own Boot Camp mentioned on the 'you can even run Windows' page of...

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Parallels Desktop official release, discount pricing ends July 15th

After months of betas and release candidates, Parallels has brought their fantastic Desktop OS virtualization software to an official release. As you might remember from their last release candidate, they have also listened to user feedback and bundled their Compressor Server tool for optimizing vir...

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Parallels Desktop Release Candidate 2, uh, released

Get your mice clicking ladies and gentlemen, as Parallels has offered up the final test version of Parallels Desktop for Mac, their virtualization software that allows you to run almost any OS right within Mac OS X. With this version, however, Parallels has increased the app's final price to $79.99...

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Apple Second Life Feature

Are you familiar with Second Life? It's a virtual online community where you create your own custom avatar and interact with other losers whose first life isn't fulfilling enough other interesting people in a magical fantasy world beyond your greatest imagination! (Okay, okay, so I'm being a little ...

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