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Ricochet Lost Worlds is fun - and it's 45% off at MacZOT today

I own a Wii, and i installed Windows Vista in Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro primarily so I could play Half Life 2 and catch up with some of the other rockin' games coming out for PCs (buying Vista at OEM prices via a local computer shop numbed some of the pain). With all this rockin' gaming I have ...

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Leopard's new menubar is hideous

I haven't watched the keynote yet, and I've been spending most of my time looking through the other new features of Mac OS X Leopard. After I found that non-transparent menubar mod for Leopard, however, I can't get over how hideous that new menubar really is. I also hate to say it, but Apple's secre...

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Ask TUAW: MacBook Pros, iMovie Export, Shuffle Autofill, Windows Gaming and more

This week in Ask TUAW we have questions about the MacBook Pros, exporting from iMovie, Autofill for the Shuffle, Windows gaming on an iMac, and more. Remember new Mac users and Switchers who are enjoying our Mac 101 series should feel very welcome to post questions for Ask TUAW; we're happy to have ...

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PC World 100 Best of 2007 honors Parallels, Tiger

When a leading computer publication has a revolving-door editor-in-chief hiring policy, it can make other weird editorial decisions look sane and prudent by comparison. Exhibit A: the annual PC World "100 Best" feature, which presents the 100 best products of 2007... online in May, and in print for ...

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Vista vs. OS X by the books

Tim O'Reilly, he of the animal books (as I like to call them), often posts about how O'Reilly's book sales can be indicative of tech trends in general. Thanks to zealous statistic keeping Tim has a wealth of knowledge about his sales (as as good business man should). The latest trend that Tim has se...

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Salling Clicker v3.5 brings new Front Row controls, device support and much more

One of the major things I miss about switching away from a Windows Mobile or even Sony Ericsson mobile phone is Salling Clicker - just about the best darn software I've ever seen for controlling your Mac with a mobile phone or PDA. Clicker offers a wide array of customizable controls with which you ...

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Microsoft releases final Vista/iPod fix

Awhile ago we blogged about an issue some Vista users were encountering when ejecting their iPods. The long and the short of it is that the iPod would get corrupted after being ejected. Microsoft issued a patch, but it didn't fix the issue. Today comes news from the Windows Vista blog that a final p...

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Flickr Find: Leopard is late

TUAW reader Matt Laurie whipped up this fun desktop pic. Show the whole world that you are anxiously awaiting Apple's latest OS offering, in style. I have to say that I am OK with this delay. What's 4 months between friends? That being said, if Apple delays Leopard once more that will spell trouble...

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Apple releases Boot Camp 1.2 with Windows Vista support

Apple has just released Boot Camp version 1.2, ushering in support for the 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows Vista. Plenty of other driver updates and new features are included in this release as well, such as: Updated drivers, including but not limited to trackpad, AppleTime (synch), audio,...

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Microsoft adds iPod fixes to Vista

Among several Vista patches released yesterday, Microsoft included one meant to allow iPods to disconnect without getting corrupted, CNet reports. Apple has previously addressed several iTunes/Vista compatibility issues. So do these new patches do the trick? Is it safe to eject your iPod without iTu...

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Leopard may be delayed

We've seen this before, of course, but today DigiTimes is reporting that Leopard may be as late as October...and it's Vista's fault (kind of). More of those infamous "reliable sources" are saying that Apple is busy adding Vista support to Leopard's integrated implementation of Boot Camp. The idea is...

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Guide for installing Vista in Boot Camp

As reluctant as we might be to admit it, we have our reasons for tinkering with Windows Vista behind closed TUAW office doors. Parallels has pretty decent support for it (3D hardware is still a work in progress), though we've been having to search across the vast interwebs for some help on how to ...

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NIST says "No" to Vista

InformationWeek reports that the US National Institute of Standards and Technology has banned Vista from internal computing networks. NIST tech workers will meet on the 10th of April in a session called "Windows Vista Security" to discuss their concerns about the new OS. The NIST ban follows on the ...

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Microsoft: The WOW starts... with a MacBook?

Microsoft's "The WOW Starts Now!" Vista promotion campaign has taken just about every computer and technology venue by storm. Everyone from the likes of Best Buy to Bob's Computers has at least some kind of hanging banner, floor signage or postcard handouts featuring the mind-numbing array of Vis...

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Parallels Desktop for Mac Release Candidate 3

The Parallels team today issued Release Candidate 3 of Parallels Desktop, their virtualization software that we've mentioned once or twice. While their announcement blog post only touts two major new features (the ability to seamlessly upgrade a WinXP VM to Vista & a more secure file sharing pro...

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