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VLC 1.1.0 now available for all iOS devices

VLC, the free versatile video player beloved across the world and multiple operating systems, has been updated and is now available for the iPod touch and iPhone. The iPad app was released about a month ago but it is now a universal binary which runs on the iPhone 4, 3GS and "recent iPod touches." V...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Apple TV and oddball video formats

Hey Auntie TUAW, I just ordered my new Apple TV, and have a ton of footage in MKV, AVI, etc. which probably won't work with iTunes, let alone my Apple TV. What can I do to batch convert and import all my movies to iTunes, which will work with Apple TV and be as high-rez as possible? With al...

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Talkcast Tonight: Join us at 10pm ET to talk Blu-ray, new apps, and Stevemails

It's Sunday, which means it's time once again to get ourselves into a TalkShoe chatroom, and have a lively talk about what's been up during the last week of Apple news. Tonight on the show, we'll be talking about Microsoft's stance with Apple on Blu-ray, the arrival of VLC and Google Voice on the Ap...

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VLC for iPad hits the store

Just like that, the multi-format video playback app VLC has now made it to the App Store in the form of VLC Media Player for iPad. As Chris reported a couple of weeks ago, the much-beloved open source media tool has been ported and is now available for free download. We're grabbing our copy right no...

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VLC coming to the iPad

VLC, the play-anything video player for the Mac, may soon be available as an iPad app. App maker Applidium has spent months porting the open source player into an iPad app and has submitted it to the App Store. Now they're just waiting for Apple to approve it; if approved, the app will be available...

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Ask TUAW: Power adapters, Windows 7, iWork refresh, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about MacBook power adapters, Windows 7 in Boot Camp and virtualization in general, resetting the Mac Setup Assistant, the next iWork refresh, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are...

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Development of VLC for Mac 64-bit is on hold, project needs developers

Development on the 64-bit version of VLC Player for Mac has hit the pause button. The Videolan team is looking for Mac development talent to help move the project forward, and revamp the program's interface to be more Mac-like. While the team says that reports of VLC Mac's death are 'greatly exagger...

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Giving or getting a Mac for the holidays? 10 apps every new Mac user needs

All new Macs come with great bundled software. Between the iLife suite, Safari, iTunes, and TextEdit, plus the ability to access and use cloud applications for free, almost all of the most basic modern computing needs get met for most users. That said, having used four different Macs over the pas...

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Quick QuickTime Q&A

QuickTime was one of the few apps which changed significantly in Snow Leopard. We've heard from some readers who missed the initial reports about it, so we're repeating it here, with some additional QuickTime information. Q: "What happened to QuickTime in Snow Leopard?" QuickTime Player "X" ha...

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Hippo Remote is a great app, now you can win a copy

I've become very accustomed to remote-controlling my computers for a while, but nothing ever seemed to get it right. Apple's Remote for iTunes is great, of course, but what about all my other stuff on my Mac, like Boxee or VLC? Yeah, you can get some specific remotes for those apps (frankly the VLC ...

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VLC 1.0.2 includes 64-bit Mac port and security fixes

VideoLAN's popular cross-platform open source media player VLC 1.0.2 is now available with an important security update. The rest of the release notes are rather terse and nerdy: "BEWARE: this release is not compatible with Tiger. This version introduces many fixes, notably for SSA decoding, v4l2...

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VLC 1.0.0 released

While being a useful tool for several years now, VLC has finally reached that first pinnacle of software development: 1.0. VLC is an alternative media player for Mac, Windows and Linux that handles a wide variety of media file formats without requiring additional software (like Perian) to be install...

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VLC 0.8.6d improves Leopard compatibility

Since upgrading to Leopard some folks have been having trouble with the popular open-source video player VLC from VideoLAN. Fortunately, the project has just released 0.8.6d substantially improving Leopard compatibility. The changes include video output improvements as well as support for the Apple ...

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This Old Mac: Icebooks

Remember when Apple ditched the clamshell iBooks and created the sleeker "icebook" form factor? My wife calls them Chiclets. Well we have 3 of them: a 500 MHz G3 from 2001 with a 10GB drive, a 800MHz G4 with a 60GB drive but a busted optical drive, and a 1.2GHz G4 with a 30GB drive but working CDR/D...

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Chroma feature movie player

Chroma is a video player for OS X "optimized for playing feature movies." Though there are many free options that will play most anything that Chroma will (QuickTime with Perian, VLC, mPlayerOSX, etc.), nonetheless Chroma has some nice features that may make it worthwhile for watching features in pa...

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