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Sun xVM VirtualBox: free x86 virtualiztion

We first noted the open-source virtualization application VirtualBox way back in 2007, and since then this open-source competitor to VMware Fusion and Parallels has come a long way. Most importantly, perhaps, the project was acquired by Sun Microsystems and has now become Sun xVM VirtualBox with a g...

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VMware Fusion 1.1.2 adds Time Machine support

Over on the blog for VMware Fusion, they've announced the release of version 1.1.2 which adds support for Time Machine backups of your virtual machines. Apparently 10.5.2 fixed some problem that prevented virtual machines from being backed up properly and they have now enabled it. They warn, however...

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Parallels vs. VMWare: Benchmark results

Like it or not, lots of us who own Intel-based Macs have to run Windows from time to time. Although Boot Camp is pretty fantastic if you need to run a processor intensive application (or you want to play games), virtualization is the more attractive solution for users who need to access productivity...

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CNET Labs benchmarks Parallels and Fusion virtualization products

Whenever two options are presented, it is often a smart move to weight the pros and cons of each and make a decision based on your needs. If you need to push Windows in a virtualization environment, Daniel A. Begun at CNET Labs has benchmarked Windows Vista running in both Parallels Desktop and VMwa...

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VMware Fusion set for August 6th release

Running Windows is something that most people need to do at some point, that's a fact. Luckily for us Mac users running Windows on Intel Macs is much better than emulating Windows on PPC Macs (I still shudder when I think back to my Virtual PC days). This is because instead of having to emulate the ...

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VMware Fusion Beta 4 now available

Recall that very cool video we posted showing off VMware Fusion's new Unity feature? Now you can try it on your very own Mac. VMware Fusion Beta 4 has just been released and it includes Unity. It also includes: Better support for booting off of Boot Camp partitions Better performance UI twea...

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VMware Fusion Beta 2 with Experimental 3D Graphics

Well this is interesting, in the wake of all the hype over the new release of Parallels comes a potential bombshell from competitor VMware. We mentioned the first beta release back in December, but now the second beta of VMware fusion has appeared and includes the long sought-after "experimental" Di...

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Found Footage: VMWare Fusion To Bring 3D Hardware Acceleration

We've all been waiting patiently for Parallels to deliver on their promise to add hardware accelerated 3D graphics support in their Intel Mac virtualization solution, Parallels Desktop. Apparently, however, competitor VMware already has some working code. The above video, featuring 3D accelerated...

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VMware Fusion public beta available

After months of waiting, the public beta of VMware Fusion is finally available. What is Fusion? It is VMware's OS X virtualization client. Most of you are probably familiar with Parallels for the Mac, which allows you to run Windows, and other OSes, on your Mac. Fusion is VMware's answer to Parallel...

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VMWare Fusion beta round up

Virtualization on the Mac is heating up, and Parallels isn't the only company with some stakes in the game. VMWare, the Juggernaut of the virtualization world, has been running a private beta of their Mac client, Fusion, for awhile now. They point to a few bloggers' thoughts on the product in a rec...

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