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Tag: vnc

Veency: VNC Server for iPhone

We recently got a tip over to this It's Just Poison post about Veency for jailbroken iPhones from Jay "Saurik" Freeman, the author and maintainer of Cydia. Veency provides a VNC remote desktop server for your iPhone, allowing you to connect to the shared screen of your handheld from any VNC client ...

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First Look: Teleport, new VNC client for the iPhone

Jugaari's iPhone debut, Teleport (iTunes link), is a new VNC client for mobile remote control of a Mac or PC (not the super-awesome pseudo-KVM app). It's a $24.99 investment, and I don't know many people who are going to dish out twenty five clams for an iPhone utility, but I know plenty who are cur...

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First Look: Mocha VNC Lite

Mocha VNC Lite allows your iPhone or iPod touch to connect to your Mac or PC via VNC. For those of you who don't know, VNC is a protocol that allows you to screenshare/control other computers via a VNC client (which is what Mocha VNC Lite is). It is amazing to see this working right on my iPhone. I ...

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ZDNet: 'iPhone running Windows XP'? Fail

Citrix is developing a "thin client" iPhone app that allows users to connect to networked workstations via WiFi, and control their desktops. Basically, it's like VNC or Microsoft's Remote Desktop client. This isn't huge news, I understand, but after seeing ZDNet Australia's headline, I was thinking ...

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Seven cool features of Leopard that might get stubborn friends to upgrade

There are dozens of little niceties in Leopard: like how Front Row now lives on my iBook (sans remote) and allows me to operate the thing as a sort of thin-client media jukebox (courtesy a Mac mini server). Or how Font Book now prints books of your fonts (especially nice for those non-techies). With...

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Use Back to My Mac without .Mac

As far as "Back to My Mac" is concerned, Apple presents it as a .Mac-only enhancement. Melvin Rivera pointed us to his blog post showing how to use Back to My Mac with iChat. This technique isn't for the faint of heart. It involves editing system preferences, modifying AppleScript, and causing your...

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Ask TUAW: reading Mac files from Windows, printing posters, VNC and more

This week on Ask TUAW we cover questions about reading the Mac partition while running Windows in Boot Camp, remote management, printing posters, AGP video cards for G5s, problems with Flash and more! As always, leave your questions for next week in the comments....

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Easy remote tech support

In the comments to our recent post on Switching Mom to Mac, reader Hervé Sainct pointed us to this hint on macOSXhints on making remote tech support as easy as possible for the recipient. Basically it centers on a neat little program Schnitz Remote, which is basically a graphical wrapper arou...

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Ask TUAW: Bluetooth, 5.1 Audio, VNC, Adium with QS, and more

This week's Ask TUAW takes us into questions about Bluetooth File Exchange, 5.1 audio, VNC, getting Adium and Quicksilver working together, EVDO, automated file management based on label color, and more. As always, please leave your own comments, and ask more questions for next week either in the co...

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Switching Mom to Mac

Robert Movin over at TidBITS has a nice little article that I expect many of us can identify with. After years of being tech support for his mother (and other family members), he got fed up trying to remotely support her aging PC and decided to take the plunge and get her a Mac. He describes the how...

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Apple TV hacks coming fast and furious: VLC, SSH, VNC, Apache and more

The Apple TV hacks are coming fast and furious as recorded on both the Something Awful thread we already told you about, and at the Apple TV Hacks blog. Over at Something Awful, user macado shows the Apple TV successfully decoding a 720p XviD clip using the open source VLC player (though only for 6...

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SpyMe 2: Multiple Remote Management

If you need to remotely administer a bunch of Macs, the obvious solution is Apple Remote Desktop. There's just one problem: the pricetag. ARD runs $299 for 10 managed systems or $499 for an unlimited number of managed systems. Of course, if you're the geeky type you can use OS X's built-in VNC with ...

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ScreenRecycler: Use your old Mac as a second monitor

I came across this post on MacCast about ScreenRecycler, which enables you to use your old Mac (or PC) with a built-in monitor - like an old Powerbook or iMac, for example - purely as a secondary display, provided you can get it on your network. This may have limited usefulness for many of you, but ...

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