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Uh oh! Google releasing free turn by turn GPS app for Android

Just when you thought it was safe to buy a nav app for the iPhone, Google goes and announces a free app for Android, and says it's going to be available for the iPhone if Apple will let it into the App Store. The app, called Google Maps Navigation, will ship with phones running the Android OS 2.0...

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Let your Mac take dictation

MacSpeech Dictate has now been upgraded to version 1.5, giving the application more accuracy and a new vocabulary editor. The update also includes a new English profile option, allowing you to indicate if your speech has North American, Southern North American, or a Latino North American accent. The...

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Voice dial on us: TUAW Vocalia giveaway

In product shootouts between the iPhone and other smartphones, the iPhone usually gets dinged for not having voice dialing built in (although you can get around that with services like Jott). Vocalia, from Creaceed, is a voice-recognition dialing app that has been around for about six months. Vocal...

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MacSpeech update something worth talking about

MacSpeech Inc. unveiled a new update to its well regarded speech recognition application for the Mac today. The release of version 1.3, available immediately by download, has some significant enhancements and fixes. To test this new release, I've dictated this review into our browser-based content m...

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Google is listening, and iPhone users are talking

According to the New York Times and the Google iPhone page, the big G is about to add voice recognition capabilities to its iPhone search app (iTunes link), with the new version showing up on the App Store any minute now. You'll be able to ask questions (the kind Google can answer, of course; someon...

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First Look: Vocalia English speech recognition tool for iPhone

I want my iPhone to have voice dialing. Belgian developers Creaceed are moving in the right direction by introducing the Vocalia English speech recognition tool for iPhone. This app just does one thing right now -- displaying contacts from your Address Book when you say names. You still need to tap ...

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David Pogue blogs mini-review of Parallels 3

David Pogue, the NY Times' answer to Walt Mossberg (as distinct from "This WSJ writer, nicknamed Uncle Walt, hosted two technology legends at a 2007 conference" -- that's the Jeopardy answer to Walt Mossberg) hasn't reviewed Parallels 3.0 yet, at least not in print. On his blog, however, Pogue has g...

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