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OS X Lion introduces new, multilingual, high-quality text-to-speech voices

First announced in March, then found in developer previews, one of the little-heralded new features of OS X Lion is its inclusion of several high-quality text-to-speech voices in 22 different languages. The last major addition to Apple's built-in OS X voices was Alex, a higher-quality voice inc...

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iOS 5's final release may include "Assistant" speech-to-text feature

Apple has included limited voice control functionality in the iPhone since the debut of the iPhone 3GS, but the company's plans for voice control in iOS 5 are reportedly far broader in application according to 9to5 Mac. While no such feature was announced at WWDC and it has yet to show up in the ...

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Noterize acquired by Nuance, points to more iOS voice savvy

The popular note-taking app Noterize made the short list of apps that D7 Consulting leveraged in its iPad trial; it also made it into Apple's 'Iconic' TV ad in January. It's been absent from the App Store for a bit, though, and now we know why. TUAW has learned that Noterize has been acquired...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: How do I deal with voice latency?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Why is VoIP so freaking awkward? I really like using Google Voice with Safari but then I always end up talking over the guy I'm calling to. What gives? Love, Denny Dear Denny, It's called latency, and it happens with all kinds of computer telephony solutions like Google ...

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AT&T strikes back at Verizon with voice/data ad

Verizon may have their iPhone 4 coming on line in a matter of days, but AT&T isn't taking the assault on their market lightly. A new AT&T ad titled "Answer" shows a man working late and receiving a call from his wife on his iPhone 4. As she reminds him that it's their anniversary, he surfs ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Voice Fantasy

Voice Fantasy is a weird little app from Square Enix, creators of the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series of role-playing games. You may remember Song Summoner, the original RPG created for the iPod a while back (that later came to the iPhone as well). That game had you creating soldiers with son...

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Yahoo! Mesenger app updated, offers free voice and video calling

The Yahoo! Messenger app has received a pretty significant upgrade today -- the app now lets you make video and voice calls to Yahoo! Messenger friends. That has a few interesting outcomes, the first of which is that you can now make video calls from any iPhone running iOS 4.1 to anywhere with a Ya...

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Voice Tutor puts vocal exercises in your pocket

Whether you fancy yourself the second coming of Pavarotti or just the best vocalist in your own shower, the truth isn't always pleasant to the ear: not everyone can sing. Everyone, however, can learn to sing better -- and that's the point of Voice Tutor, a sharp app from the experienced vocal coache...

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AT&T plans for SXSW 2010

Happy March! The super hip and trendy South-by-Southwest music and tech festival is coming up this month, and like many tech conventions these days, AT&T is working on a plan to keep their network up and running as thousands of iPhones descend on Austin, Texas to send around voice, texts, and da...

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AT&T lowering cost of unlimited voice and data for iPhone users

The battle of snarkiness between AT&T and Verizon is resulting in benefits for subscribers. Yesterday, AT&T announced a new unlimited voice and data plan for smartphone owners, including those who use the iPhone, that offers unlimited voice and data service for $99.99 per month. The chang...

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Bada Bing! Microsoft delivers Bing search app

Search is really getting interesting these days. Microsoft late last night released Bing [iTunes link] for the iPhone -- a full featured free app offering search, movies, maps, and directions, all with voice control. It's notable that Microsoft is going after iPhone mind-share after Steve Ballmer...

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First Look: Voices for iPhone

Novelty and social applications are a big hit on the iPhone. A new one from the folks of Taptivate is sure to be a big hit when it is released in the near future. Voices for iPhone is touted as an "audio recorder with a twist" and even a "social voicemail" utility. With Voices [iTunes Link], you'...

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BuzzVoice reads aloud to you almost anywhere

BuzzVoice can most simply be described as a talking reader for over 1400 blogs, but saying that doesn't begin to do it justice. It's not just an iPhone/iPod touch app, although BuzzVoice provides one [iTunes Link]. It's a platform that can be enjoyed on a variety of devices including any iPod or...

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The Google Voice rejection: What's needed now

If you've been following coverage of Apple's rejection of Google Voice for iPhone, you saw TUAW blogger Chris Rawson considering whether pressure from AT&T might have been behind the Google Voice rejection -- an assumption first floated by TechCrunch and later substantiated by Daring Fireball. T...

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Vlingo adds voice control to older iPhones

Pity the poor iPhone 3G owner who now has to grapple with reality; yes, what was until Friday the world's coolest smartphone is now simply a piece of yesterday's tech, as current as a punchcard and as enduring as a wax cylinder recording on a hot afternoon. No, not really -- the iPhone 3G is just as...

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