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Viber 4.0 released for iOS with tons of new features

Popular cross-platform messaging and VoIP app Viber has released version 4.0 today. The updated app sports a host of new features including the ability to send voice messages via "Hold and Talk," the ability to forward any message to a contact or group, the ability to add up to 100 people to group c...

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Google Hangouts for iOS adds voice calling, Google Voice integration

Google has updated its Hangouts app with a number of VoIP features. The new version 1.3 allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users in the US and Canada to call US and Canadian phone numbers for free right from the app. Users can also call phone numbers in other countries for a cost. The update also a...

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Viber expands its VoIP service with new OS X app

Viber is a voice-over-internet app that's seen some success on iOS already, but today the company announced a brand-new version for both OS X and Windows. Viber Desktop has all of the features of the iOS app, including free messages and calls to other users, synced contacts and history between t...

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Facebook Messenger for iOS gets VoIP in the UK today

A little over a month ago, Facebook added Voice over IP (VoIP) calling capabilities to its iOS app for users in the US and Canada. Now users in the UK have been added to the gradual rollout of Facebook's VoIP domination of the universe. The VoIP capability works through Facebook Messenger, bo...

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Facebook app update adds free VOIP calls in US and Canada

Facebook just dropped an update to its app in the App Store that allows US and Canadian users to make free VOIP calls to their Facebook friends. The VOIP feature makes its debut after a similar feature was enabled in Facebook's Messenger app in January. International users of the app shouldn't ...

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Facebook Messenger offers free calling for iPhone users

Facebook's Messenger app for iPhone has undergone a number of facelifts in the past year or so, but a new feature was added today that may completely change the way you use it: free calling over a data connection. The Verge reports that the new feature began rolling out to users today, and does...

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Facebook Messenger gets voice features, more coming

Facebook has updated its Messenger app (which allows iOS and Android users to chat with the site's messenging service) with some interesting VoIP features. Users can now save and send voice messages between Facebook accounts, meaning that if you don't want to bother typing a long message out, y...

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Voxeet, conference calling for iOS with some visual twists

The just-released iOS version of Voxeet is a free conference calling app, running over VoIP and interoperating with the company's Windows and Android apps. Voxeet is designed to handle conference calls in a unique way with excellent audio and some fun visual enhancements. Problem No. 1 on most ...

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Skype 5.4 beta available

Skype Beta 5.4 was made available last week with more Facebook integration. For the most part, TUAW isn't comprised of big Skype users. Skype came under fire with a redesign in version 5. Our beloved leader, Victor, is still on version 2.8 -- or as he puts it, "2.8 FOR LIFE." As the Mac beta pag...

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ChatTime offers handset alternative to Skype for International calls

If you place a lot of international calls, the ChatTime service may help you save money over Skype. You install a free application on your iPhone handset, purchase credit, and initially place the call from the application. The application sets up the call for you, and then you use the standard ...

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Place a T-Mobile call from your iPhone with Bobsled

T-Mobile might not be an official carrier for the iPhone in the US, but that doesn't mean you can't make T-Mobile phone calls on your iPhone. The company has released its Bobsled app for iOS. Bobsled is T-Mobile's web-based phone and messaging service. With it users can call anyone in their F...

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Skype for Mac 5.4 beta adds Facebook integration (and ads!)

Skype has released Skype for Mac 5.4 beta, which adds Facebook integration to the VOIP app. After downloading the beta, users have the option of linking their Facebook account to their Skype account. Once linked, all Facebook friends appear in a special "Facebook" section of your Skype contacts...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: How do I deal with voice latency?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Why is VoIP so freaking awkward? I really like using Google Voice with Safari but then I always end up talking over the guy I'm calling to. What gives? Love, Denny Dear Denny, It's called latency, and it happens with all kinds of computer telephony solutions like Google ...

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Bria extends VoIP phone client to iPad

If you've been looking around for a solid VoIP/SIP client for the iPad or iPhone, consider CounterPath's Bria. For all the excitement around VoIP on the iPhone and iPod touch (including high profile apps like Skype, Vonage TalkFree for Facebook and Line2), relatively few developers have gone ...

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What does the Skype sale mean for Apple customers?

By now everyone knows that Skype has been sold to Microsoft for a huge 8.5 billion dollars. The question on all our minds is what will the sale mean to Mac and iOS users? There aren't any ready answers. Microsoft often treats the Mac as a least-favored nation. Most versions of Office have lagge...

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