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Microsoft may be about to buy Skype

If you were hoping Skype's busted UI and security vulnerabilities would get major improvements in the future, this latest news might kill that hope. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is in talks to buy Skype for nearly US$8 billion. On the surface of it, this seems a mystifying ...

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Viber for iPhone updated with free text messaging

I liked Viber when I tested it several months ago. It's an iPhone VoIP app that allows free phone calls to any phone that has the app installed. I thought the terrific audio quality, lack of ads and ease of setup were all positives. Viber has been updated today to version 2.01 with free text me...

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Fuze Meeting delivers multiparty video conferencing to iPad 2

The latest updates to Callwave's distributed conferencing platform, Fuze Meeting, have added a rather dramatic new feature that's perfect for iPad 2 owners (not to mention Android 'Honeycomb' tablets like the Motorola Xoom and older 'Froyo' devices): multi-party video conferencing. Meeting host...

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Turn an iPod touch into an iPhone with its own packaging

Here's a nice bit of ingenuity. Lifehacker reader Kevin explains how he used a VoIP app (Viber and Line 2 are two nice options) with his iPod's packaging and earbud speakers to create a DIY handset. After smoothing the edges of the plastic backing and wearing a groove to hold the earbud wire, Kev...

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Viber VoIP app for iPhone updated and improved

An update to Viber has hit the App Store today. I was impressed with the original release of this free VoIP client when it came out early last month. I especially liked the voice quality and the notifications. Since the review, Skype with video finally made it to the iPhone and attracted a lot of a...

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Native Union introduces Bluetooth handset and speakerphone for iPhones at CES

Native Union was at CES offering an intriguing lineup of handsets that'll turn your iPhone, iPad or even iPod touch into a more traditional handset-style phone. One model even morphs into a speaker for music or speakerphone. Unfortunately, audio quality was tough to gauge at the noisy show floor, s...

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Line2 adds unlimited phone, voicemail and texting to your iDevice for $10 a month

Line2 is a tri-mode calling app for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It uses data, WiFi or even cellular voice connections to make and receive calls -- a first for iPhone. While there's a 30-day free trial, the service ultimately costs $10 per month. But for that fee you get unlimited calls, unlimi...

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Skype for iPhone updates to 3.0, adds video calling

In a move that's sure to make users stand up and say "Hallelujah," the latest update to the Skype app for iPhone finally adds video calling. The newest version of the app will allow users to make video Skype to Skype calls from their iPhone via Wi-Fi and 3G, and also call Skype desktop users on b...

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Fring adds "dynamic video quality"

If you're a fan of FaceTime on your iPhone / iPod touch, but are frustrated with the Wi-Fi only restrictions, then Fring (the voice, video and instant chat app) is most likely your go-to app for video calling over 3G. Since there's no sign of Skype implementing video calling on the iPhone over Wi...

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Viber for iPhone could give Skype a challenge

Viber is a new free VoIP app for the iPhone. It allows you to talk using the AT&T data network, rather than the cellular network. I kept looking for a catch, but there isn't one. Works on WiFi and 3G. Check. You don't need to create a friends list. Check. Alerts you to incoming calls without the...

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Skype app finally delivers on 3G voice calling

There's good news and a little bit (just a little bit) of bad news. Good news first: the iPhone Skype app has been updated to allow for calls using AT&T's 3G data network. AT&T's restrictions on cell data usage have evolved over time. Recently, download data caps have been eased, from 10 MB...

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Retro handset for the iPad is fashion-forward, techno-backward

Here's something very high on the cool scale. The retro-cool Moshi Moshi 01 handset (MM01) can be used with mobile phones, VoIP via USB and yes, iPhones and iPads. Old-timers like me remember back when talking on the phone meant standing next to the wall, tethered (physically, not Bluetooth) to a...

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Voalté One iPhone and iPad apps streamline healthcare communications

We've posted about the use of both the iPhone and iPad in the healthcare industry before, and there are a number of apps that have been developed to take advantage of the iPhone in hospitals and clinics. One of our readers pointed out that Voalté, a company that specializes in hospital paging...

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Line2 adds a second line to your iPhone for $15 a month

Would you like to add a second line to your iPhone? Perhaps you'd like to add a business number to the phone, but your existing phone is currently tied to your personal mobile number. You could always carry a second phone, but that's an expensive proposition, particularly if you're an iPhone addi...

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Skype 3G update coming 'soon'

As most of you know already, Apple has lifted the restrictions against making VoIP calls over a 3G connection, and a handful of apps have already "flipped a switch" behind the scenes to enable such calls. However, the most high-profile VoIP app on the App Store, Skype, has yet to follow suit. Sky...

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