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Friday Favorite: ShareTool

Another Friday Favorite, our weekly opportunity to get all sloppy over our most-loved applications. If you have an always-on Mac at home, a decent upstream connection and another Mac anywhere outside of your home network, you might find ShareTool to be as useful as I do. It allows you -- with an ama...

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Shimo 1.0

VPNs are a staple of corporate life nowadays. They create a secure connection from your computer to your company's computers using a 'Virtual Private Network.' This allows you to access company documents via public networks in a secure fashion. Cisco is a big player in the VPN market, and luckily fo...

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Ask TUAW: GPS, Hamachi, student questions, and more

Wednesday is Ask TUAW time! This week we tackle questions on GPS solutions on the Mac, zero-configuration VPN with Hamachi, dealing with a slow starting Mac, as well as a couple of student questions on taking notes and using the Summarize Service, As always, please leave your own comments, and ask m...

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Setting up OS X as a VPN server

If you have spent any time in the corporate world you have probably heard of VPN. Virtual Private Networks are a way to securely connect to one network, say your work's network resources, from another place (like your home broadband connection). OS X server has a VPN server baked right in that allow...

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