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Wahoo Fitness PROTKT: Bike mount and protective case in one

While I'm currently trying to do my best imitation of a slug, I used to be a very active bike rider. How active? Like 2,500 miles (4023 km) per year. This was back in the days before iPhones, and I used to mount a Garmin eTrex GPS on my handlebars as a bike computer and throw my cell phone into my...

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RFLKT and Runmeter: It's basically Pebble for your bike

People love the idea of the Pebble watch. It's an iOS-compatible display that sits on your wrist, so your iPhone can stay in your backpack, purse, or pocket. It's a great way to keep light track of your notifications, and what's going on in your life. It is, however, not a particularly good mat...

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Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale: A first look and giveaway

From the brains at Wahoo Fitness, makers of a complete line of smartphone-enabled fitness devices, comes something new -- the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale (US$99.99). This scale was released today by Wahoo Fitness, and it's a new addition to the app-connected devices in the product lineup. ...

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