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Animated wallpaper running on a jailbroken iPad

In case you needed even more distraction and less battery life from your iPad, MacStories wants you to know about the ultimate hack just for you. For jailbroken iPads, a new app allows for having animated backgrounds just like Android devices. Called vWallpaper, it enables a video resized for the d...

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TUAW's Daily App: Home 3D

Lest you think that all we'll be spotlighting in this space is games, here's an interesting app meant for anyone thinking about adding a couch to that living room or putting an extra bed in the back bedroom. Home 3D is an "architecture and interior design app" that allows you to model out your home...

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The story behind the iPad's home screen photo

When Steve Jobs revealed the iPad back in January, viewers stared in breathless amazement, none more so than Richard Misrach, the artist whose photo is the default home screen image. He was sitting at home watching a movie when his phone rang. It was his agent, and he couldn't believe what was ha...

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Snow Leopard out in September, wallpaper available now

Snow Leopard is going to be uber cheap, so there's not really any reason to not pick it up -- if you make good, regular use of your Mac, odds are that you'll also make enough use of a copy to justify the value. But even if you're not taking the $30 plunge, Macenstein has the most important part of t...

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MyCal: custom calendars for your iPhone

Here's the question: what day of the month does next Friday land on? You pull out your iPhone, turn it on, unlock it, navigate to the Calendar and switch to Month view. Got it. March 20th. Of course, being the self-proclaimed efficiency expert that you are (isn't everybody?), you quickly decide that...

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Wonderful Apple wallpapers to wet your whistle

Whether you've got a new Mac and you're looking to replace the tired "Aurora" background, or perhaps you just want to spice up your desktop with something a little Apple-flavored, this site's for you! Francesco Mugnai has up at his blog over 60 different Apple-focused wallpapers that he has found at...

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Little apps I like for the iPhone

The iPhone can certainly make life easier on a number of levels, and that has greatly increased with the advent of the App Store. There are thousands of selections for every taste, even bad taste. In 2007 Steve Jobs told us web based apps would do the trick, but he finally relented and we all benefi...

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Snoop Dogg wants to give you a MacBook Air

Looks like Snoop Dogg wants you to have some Apple goodness. Crestock is hosting a wallpaper design competition with the Dre protégé where the prizes over four rounds are, respectively: an iPod classic 80GB, an iPod touch 16GB, an iPod touch 32GB and a MacBook Air. The top three entrie...

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Desktoptopia goes free and PC for version 1.5

My personal favorite desktop wallpaper app, the echo-named Desktoptopia, sent us a tip with a great announcement today: not only have they released version 1.5, and not only have they released a PC version (for your work computer to use, I guess), but Desktoptopia is now a completely free app. Now, ...

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iPhone and iPod touch wallpaper roundup

While checking out yesterday's beautiful iPhone mod, we though about wallpaper that would compliment an all-black iPhone. In the process we compiled a list of our favorite resources for iPhone (and iPod touch) wallpaper. Poolga The Iconfactory Pixelgirl Presents iPhone wallpaper group on F...

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Connecting the Newton as a serial terminal

A little while back we linked to ByteCellar's Apple //c terminal, and now he's gone and put a Newton online. You can check out the whole setup in the gallery, but the short story seems to be that he hooked up the eMate 300 to a serial-to-USB terminal, and then ran it through his Mini. Pretty easy, h...

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Fake loading screens for iPhone

There are tons of iPhone wallpapers out there by now, but this set is extra special-- it's a set of satirical wallpapers, designed, says Josh, to "show off the true power of the iPhone" by replacing the standard loading screen with one of your own. Did you know your iPhone could attract total strang...

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Get Desktoptopia for half off

Desktoptopia (not to be confused with Desktopia) is a program that automagically delivers the latest and greatest in wallpaper right to your desktop-- just press go, and the app will drop a new desktop on you as often as you want, from any categories that you want, rated however you want. For people...

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One-click wallpaper changer for iPhone

iPhone tweaker Justin Schwalbe has managed to work over a few tricks we've published and create something actually useful: a one-click wallpaper changer for the iPhone, no iTunes sync or other tethering needed: just load up the image in Safari on the iPhone and you're rolling. Now, of course, it's...

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Two sets of iPhone wallpapers, including SuicideGirls

iPhone eye candy (or should that be iCa... oh never mind) is starting to roll in. Wes (thanks!) dropped us this "very nice selection" of specially sized wallpaper. Most of it seems to be about birds, but there are a few cool non-bird shots included as well. And Sarah from SuicideGirls says she's a f...

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