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iPhone 5 comes to Walmart's prepaid Straight Talk plans Jan. 11

Giga-retailer Walmart made waves this holiday season by offering the iPhone 5 for well below its suggested retail price. Now it's going to start offering Apple's top-of-the-line smartphone unlocked and on prepaid Straight Talk plans beginning January 11. The iPhone 5 will cost US$649 in a 16 GB...

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Best Buy not happy with Walmart's holiday iPhone 5 deal

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that Best Buy and several other retailers are quite unhappy with a Walmart advertising campaign that claims that the discount store chain has lower prices than the stores targeted in their ads. This came to a head over the holidays, when...

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Walmart offering iPhone 5 for $127, 4S for $47, iPad for $399

If you're planning on picking up some Apple goodies for your loved ones this holiday season but haven't yet done so, Walmart may be your new best friend. As 9to5Mac reports, the retail chain is offering some pretty hefty in-store discounts on several brand new gadgets starting today. The full list...

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Black Friday sales net some good deals on iPads

We're 10 days away from Thanksgiving in the US, but a number of stores already have released their Black Friday specials, many actually starting on Thanksgiving itself. If you're looking for an iPad as a gift to someone else or yourself, and you're willing to brave the Black Friday crowds,...

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iPhone-powered scan-and-go checkout system at Walmart being tested

Walmart may be working on a self-pay checkout system that uses the Apple iPhone, says a report in Reuters. A survey on Survey Monkey suggests Walmart employees are testing the system at a store in Rogers, Ark. In this self-pay system, customers would scan items with their iPhones while they...

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Walmart cuts price of iPhone 4S (Update: Pricing error)

Update: 9to5Mac got confirmation from Walmart that this was a pricing error, not a sale. Walmart is not only the third-largest reseller of iPads, but the discount retailer also sells a lot of iPhones for Apple at its approximately 9,000 locations. Now it appears that Walmart is selling the...

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Research: Walmart sold 1.3 million iPads in March quarter

While in many minds the term Walmart has the connotation of low prices on "stuff" ranging from tires to baby clothing, some new research from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) shows that the discount retailer is an increasingly important part of Apple's overall distribution...

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Daily Update for April 16, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player...

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Photos of Apple's store-within-a-store at Walmart

ifoAppleStore has pictures from a Lowell, Arkansas Walmart that shows an Apple store-within-a-store like those seen in Best Buy. The display at the Walmart location focuses on mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With its large backlit-signs, wood tables and live demo units,...

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Where to buy an iPad on Friday

If you missed the launch day pre-orders and want to get an iPad on Friday, you should start planning your strategy now. Like any good consumer, you'll need to decide which store will have the most iPads and the smallest line so you can maximize your chances of getting the model that you...

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Walmart to charge $2-$4 to convert DVDs to UltraViolet

Walmart is expected to announce today that it has entered a partnership with Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures and Fox to allow consumers to access DVDs they own in UltraViolet's cloud. This will cost between US$2-$4 per DVD, depending on quality. The DVDs will be stamped to...

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Walmart acquires iOS development agency Small Society

There have been quite a few strange acquisitions in the world of iOS development lately, but I think this one takes the cake: Walmart, of all places, has picked up an iOS development house named Small Society, in order to strengthen its customers' experience on Apple's mobile devices. Small...

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Apple grabs more online visitors than Walmart this season

A new report from comScore shows that Apple netted more online visitors in the U.S. in November than retail giant Walmart. Apple's sites got more than 79 million unique visitors from the U.S. compared with under 59 million for Walmart. The reason behind these numbers? iTunes downloads, Ad Age...

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More retailers see catalog gold in iPad apps

Online shoppers aren't just looking for tablets to buy, they are using them to do their shopping, too. The New York Times suggests that the majority of tablet owners use the device to shop, and that they prefer the shopping experience of the tablet over that of a smartphone or desktop. Only...

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Daily iPad App: Walmart

Walmart recently released an iPad app and I decided to give it a whirl. I live in a rural area where Walmart is the biggest store near me and the first place I check for electronics. Walmart doesn't have the largest selection in the world, but it has saved me the hour drive to Best Buy on more...

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