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Most so-called iPhone alternatives are nothing of the sort

I think a lot of people are getting confused as to what expensive phones are actually designed for. Analysts are trying to compare the iPhone to efforts from other companies, or folks like Walt are touting the Nokia N95 and BlackBerry Curve as potential alternatives. While I might be a little bias...

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Uncle Walt has his iPhone

The clock is ticking, folks: Walt Mossberg has his iPhone. At a speech for the Chronicle of Higher Education, Fake Steve's favorite technology writer pulled out his review unit to "oohs and ahs" and gave some preliminary impressions. With only a couple of hours of hands-on time, there were already p...

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Found Footage: Steve Jobs at All Things Digital 2007

We've been blogging about Steve Job's appearance at All Things Digital a lot today, and now you can watch it for yourself. A ten minute highlight reel has been posted on the All Things Digital website. I recommend you watch the whole video for a classic Jobs quote. ...

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Uncle Walt gives Apple TV a thumbs-up

Our favorite 'dead tree media' technology columnist, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, has a review out today (available free at or with subscription at the mothership) of the Apple TV -- the 6-min video above includes most of the high points. Mr. Mossberg praises the unit ...

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Uncle Walt still likes iPods, and iTunes too

Walt Mossberg, the king of tech journalists, offers up his review of Apple's latest iterations of the iPod and iTunes. Walt was impressed with the evolution of the iPod, along with the cut in price, and the redesign of the Shuffle, however, he thinks that the real action is happening in iTunes 7. I...

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Uncle Walt says run to get an iPod + Nike Sport Kit

Walt Mossberg, the elder statesman of tech journalism, continues the good press for the iPod + Nike Sport Kit. He, and Katherine Boehret, both gave the gizmo a whirl during their normal running/walking routines and felt their workouts transformed from solitary drudgery to running with a training (a ...

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Uncle Walt says Apple is working on an iPhone

Walt Mossberg, Uncle Walt to me, is the top tech journalist without a doubt. When he says something in his Wall Street Journal column people pay attention. Contrast that with the fact that when I say something on TUAW I am often mocked until I cry. Now, Walt's most recent column is all about how App...

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Video of 2 of Apple's new ads

.Mac user brianbobcat1 has posted two of Apple's new ads to his .Mac account for us all to enjoy. The first I shall call 'Don't be a hero' is the one that Dan saw earlier. The second, which I shall call 'Awesome computer review weekly,' features the same two actors discussing Walt Mossberg's review ...

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