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Apple Watch's new font isn't the first Apple font named San Francisco

Today Apple released WatchKit, the tools for developers to start building apps for the Apple Watch. Buried inside the kit is a brand new font called "San Francisco" specifically designed for use with the Apple Watch. Given the challenges of reading text on such a tiny screen Apple needed to ensur...

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Apple Watch to ship early in 2015 and there's an SDK due next month

Apple still isn't letting too many details out about the forthcoming Apple Watch. At the Apple event today, CEO Tim Cook reiterated that the watch will appear in "early 2015". Cook did say the SDK, critical for developers to get apps running on the Apple Watch, will be available in November, the fir...

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Here is every watch face shown during the Apple Watch announcement

With all the attention given to the Apple Watch's functionality during this week's announcement event, it's little wonder that the device's customizable watch face was barely reported on. However, the sheer number of options demonstrated during the event gave us a brief idea of what's to come. W...

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How far away is your iPhone? [Poll]

Apple's Watch will apparently work as a magical device only when it's within about 50 feet of your iPhone, which for some odd reason seems to have a lot of people really concerned. Come on, folks -- most current smart watches require a phone to be in close proximity, so this is nothing unusual. In...

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More Apple Watch details emerge regarding battery life, Apple Pay, Wi-Fi and more

Tim Cook and co. zoomed through Tuesday's iPhone announcements with unprecedented speed, with nary a mention of sales figures and mobile OS adoption rates. After all, they were understandably all too eager to get to the main event of the evening -- the Apple Watch. Apple is championing its new Wa...

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If you don't like the Apple Watch, don't buy one

Since yesterday's Apple announcement of the Apple Watch (or Watch or just Watch) I have seen a cavalcade of arguments against the device. This is to be expected. I'll grant you, Apple isn't fighting against a bunch of crappy smartphones. This isn't some huge problem to solve, it's more like a smo...

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Lefties, the Apple Watch is going to work just fine for you

If there's one bit of false information that's been spread over the past 24 hours more than anything else, it's the claim that the Apple Watch is hostile to left-handed users. This has popped up on Facebook, Twitter, and even news organizations, and it's causing quite a stir. The only problem is t...

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How will you charge the Apple Watch and what will its battery life be?

We learned a lot about the Apple Watch today, including its powerful health app, but there's one nagging absence of information: How long will the device run before needing to be charged? All of the features listed during the presentation are impressive, but also should be incredibly resource heav...

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Apple updates its website with new product pages for iPhone 6, Watch

Now that Apple's big press event is over, the company has updated its website with product information for all the shiny, new devices it just introduced. Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now live on and on Apple's retail store for those who want to pre-order the devices later this...

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Apple Watch available in early 2015, prices starting at $349

Apple today announced the new Apple Watch and confirmed the device will be available early in 2015 with a starting price of US$349. Leaning heavily on the watch side, the new Watch will be available in two different sizes and three different finishes, including an 18K gold option for the premium e...

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Apple Watch to include built-in Messaging, Navigation, Photos and third-party apps

Apple today announced the new Apple Watch with a sapphire display and a UI that combines both a physical dial and a touchscreen for control. The new Watch will ship with a handful of built-in applications including a Messaging app with emoji support and a photos app for viewing your iCloud photos....

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Apple Watch revolutionizes emojis with live edited expressions

Apple Watch is already a groundbreaking device, but for those of you who text, there is obviously one feature that's even more important than biometrics or interactivity. We're speaking, of course, of the real-time emoji editor. With Apple Watch you'll be able to edit your emoji's expressions in ...

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Apple hires away TAG Heuer's VP of Global Sales

With Apple rumored to be entering the wearables market this fall, the company's string of notable hires continues. CNBC is reporting today that Apple recently poached Patrick Pruniaux away from TAG Heuer where he served as the company's VP of global sales for the past five years. TAG Heuer, in cas...

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The best (and worst) iWatch concepts

Apple might possibly launch a wrist-wearable smart device this year that could maybe be fitness and health focused, but that's about as much as anyone cares to guess at this point. The almost complete lack of verifiable information regarding the device -- which has been unanimously tagged the "iWa...

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If you're an early adopter, a Pebble makes a nice gift

Chris Velazco wrote a great TechCrunch piece on wrist-based wearable tech and where it is right now; I recommend you go read it. Then come right back. We're in the walking fish stage of wearable computers The landscape he describes reminds me of the early home PC market, awash with weirdo design...

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