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Forecast looks amazing for Weather HD for Mac

Weather HD is a popular iOS app that we at TUAW have raved about in the past. The iOS app lets you use your iPad or iPhone as a window into a beautiful weather world around you. The app uses stunning full screen animations to show you the weather instead of the numbers and little icons other we...

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TUAW's Daily App: Weather HD for iPhone

You may already know all about Weather HD -- the app made a nice splash when it was released early in the iPad's life. But Vimov has just released it for the iPhone, and even on the smaller screen, it leaves quite an impression. The idea is that instead of a tiny little icon or a big number telling ...

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A tale of two iPad weather apps

Since Apple stripped the iPhone weather app from the iPad, it left the door open for 3rd parties to do their thing. They've done just that, and I'd like to spotlight two apps that come at weather from very different places. We've looked briefly at both these apps. Our Victor Agreda Jr. used an...

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First Look: Weather HD for iPad

VIMOV's Weather HD combines standard weather forecasting with video backdrops. Although I doubt the application comes with the new age music track, you can tell from this preview that it focuses on looks. I was a little surprised to see the floaty utility-style palette. You'd think that new we...

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