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Yahoo updates and improves its popular iOS Weather app

Yahoo Weather (free) has been my favorite quick-look weather app since it came out a year ago. I believe it looks better than Apple's weather app and provides more information. Yahoo has posted an updated version, with some worthwhile features. You now get chances of precipitation in the 5- and...

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WeatherFlow Wind Meter turns your iPhone into an accurate anemometer

You know that the world of smartphone accessories is huge when there are multiple entries in a product category that probably isn't that big. That's the case with wind meters for the iPhone; just last August we looked at the Vavuud wind meter, and now there's another iPhone-centric anemometer on...

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WunderMap: The weather app gets a "wunderful" update

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was writing about Weather Underground's iOS WunderMap app. Today, the company announced the availability of a new universal version of the free application, bringing the weather mapping capability to iPhone and iPod touch users as well. For many users of...

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mPing lets you get involved in the weather, rather than just complain about it

mPing for iOS (free) is a unique weather app from the University of Oklahoma. The 'Ping' stands for Precipitation Identification Near the Ground. mPing is designed so that volunteers like you can make observations to crowdsource data to improve the next generation of weather radar. Radar doesn't...

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WeatherBug for iOS has been revamped with better real-time lightning features

WeatherBug (free) has long been a top choice for people serious about weather. Yes, Yahoo Weather is beautiful and useful, but WeatherBug has always let you dig deeper into weather data. Now, Earth Networks has released an update with enhanced Spark Lightning detection. As before, you'll get a...

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Four weather apps, four radar experiences

Other than checking the temperature or the forecast, I often use the radar function of weather apps. I like seeing radar in motion, so I can guesstimate what's going to happen in the future. In the video below, I tried the radar experience in four apps: The Weather Channel, Weatherbug, Yahoo...

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Dark Sky's iOS 7 update has it swinging with the big dogs

Dark Sky used to be the app that you checked if you wanted to be sure a spontaneous rain cloud wouldn't ruin your impromptu bike ride, but when it came to forecasts, it had essentially nothing to offer. Now, as the app enters version 4.0, things have changed drastically. Dark Sky's classic...

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Why Dark Sky 'sold out' with a full-featured weather app, and why it's not charging for the upgrade

Yesterday, a weather app landed on the App Store and entered a crowded pool with the likes of Yahoo and The Weather Channel. What makes the app particularly unique -- and why you won't find it on any "New Release" list -- is that it's being released as an update to an existing app. It's called...

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Review: MeteoEarth brings detailed weather info to your Mac

I've previously reviewed MeteoEarth in its iOS incarnation, and found it a capable and useful weather app. One of the strong points of MeteoEarth has always been the quality of the graphics, largely because the company that produces the app also does professional weather graphics for TV...

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Yahoo Weather app comes to iPad, looks crazy beautiful

When Yahoo unveiled its new Yahoo Weather app for iPhone last April, it won all kinds of critical praise for its beautiful, streamlined design with gorgeous Flickr-powered images. However, it was only available on the iPhone. Well, no longer! Today Yahoo has released version 1.5 of Yahoo Weather,...

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Daily iPhone App: Radar Cast helps you stay on top of the weather

I live in Maine, which means I get the sun before everyone else, and the weather usually later. This past week is a great example. Winter storm Dion has allowed me to track the storm's progress as it made its way from the panhandle of Texas all the way to the easternmost part of my home state. My...

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Review: MoWeather - Forecast and Temperature Planner

I finally found a weather app that isn't just more of the same. MoWeather (free) for iOS is a graphically compelling weather app with all the usual stuff you want to see, along with a 15-day forecast. The weather background is nicely animated, like the Apple weather app, and it does my favorite...

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BBC Weather app comes to iPad

Back in June the BBC released its first weather app for iPhone. It got off to rave reviews, but many bemoaned the lack of iPad support. But no longer, as today the BBC has introduced version 1.1 of BBC Weather with full support for the iPad. In addition to iPad support, the new BBC Weather app...

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Sky Live is a clever, but flawed astronomy program

Sky Live is the latest app from Vito Technology, the people who gave us the highly praised Star Walk app. Sky Live is a (mostly) free app that will tell you if your local skies will be good for stargazing. It will let you know if moonlight will interfere with your star gazing, what planets will be...

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iOS 7: Weather app is easy on the eyes, still lacking features

Another app that received a major overhaul in iOS 7 was the Weather app. The card-style design of the app has been stripped away, leaving in its place a lovely translucent UI with weather images in the background. It's about time Apple updated Weather, as the basic, boxy design has been around...

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