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TUAW's Daily Mac App: swackett

Most weather apps display weather as you might expect with temperature and weather symbols. Swackett, a free (ad-supported) weather app from the Mac App Store, bucks the trend with cute cartoons of people showing the current and forecasted conditions. A "different kind of weather app," swacke...

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Playboy archives coming to iPad tomorrow

If you've been waiting for those Playboy archives ever since we heard about them in January, the wait is almost over. App Advice says the web app containing all back issues of the famously controversial gentleman's magazine will finally be ready to go on the iPad tomorrow, for a subscription pr...

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Flipboard for Mac screenshot fake, real thing still in the works

A leaked Photoshopped screenshot that was supposedly of a new Flipboard for Mac found its way into many email inboxes yesterday, and now 9 to 5 Mac has confirmation that it is indeed a fake and not from Flipboard Inc. at all. While our own Steven Sande recently wrote about the possibility of Flipboa...

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Flipboard rumored to launch web app

One of the more awe-inspiring iPad apps of 2010 was Flipboard. The free app is a beautiful way to read RSS feeds, see and respond to updates from friends on Twitter and Facebook and more, displayed in a format that looks more like a well-designed magazine than a reader app. It's so good that Apple n...

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37Signals' Chalk, iPad-only collaborative web app

37Signals is well-known as the developer of some powerful collaboration tools for the Web like Campfire and Basecamp. It's obvious that the employees of the company know how to use a chalkboard to sketch out flow charts, scrawl UI mockups, and so on. In fact, the four team rooms in the company's ne...

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AdLib: Apple's secret web app weapon

MobileCrunch noticed something interesting about the iPad User Guide hidden in the iPad Safari's bookmarks. It's a web app, but it doesn't feel like a web app -- the views scroll independently and smoothly, "clicking" is exact, and the whole thing runs much more like a native iPad app than anything...

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Elegant simplicity: the power of SimpleNote for iPhone

The iPhone and iPod touch are, in many ways, the replacement for the little spiral-bound notepad that some of us used to carry around to capture reminders and ideas. The build-in Notes application works as a nice notepad, but it doesn't allow sorting of lists, and syncing to your Mac via MobileMe an...

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Walmart creates iPhone compatible site

Do you like shopping at Walmart? From electronics to $4 prescriptions, Walmart seems to have everything. But one thing it didn't have was an iPhone application, and now they do. If you visit the Walmart.com website on your iPhone, you will be presented with an iPhone-specific portal for all of your ...

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First Look: Facebook

Facebook always seems to be on the forefront of iPhone development. They were one of the first social networking websites to have a good web application specifically designed for iPhone, and now they are one of the first big-name social networking sites to have a decent native application on the iPh...

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Associated Press launches iPhone-optimized site

Earlier today, the Associated Press launched an iPhone-optimized news site that really is pleasant to use. To check it out on your iPhone simply visit http://apnews.com. Once there you'll find AP articles, of course, but also local events (in fact, you can enter several zip codes and follow events f...

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