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Muxtape works on iPhone

If you are a Web 2.0 fanatic (which, come on, who isn't these days?) then you probably know about Muxtape. For those of you who aren't religiously reading the latest Web application news at DownloadSquad, Muxtape is basically a way to share your personalized mp3 mixtape. Not only can you subscribe t...

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Did Web-only development fail the iPhone?

A thoughtful post over at FactoryJoe.com asks whether the Web failed the iPhone. Apple's initial decision to support only Web 2.0 third-party apps on the iPhone gave the web-based community a huge shot of creativity and incentive to see how far they could push the iPhone and Safari in terms of deliv...

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Greatascent: Highrise meets Address Book in web and desktop 2.0 harmony

Web 2.0 is great and all, but I bought a Mac to utilize the power of Mac OS X and its software. While working in a browser certainly has its advantages, I believe that the sweet spot of getting work done shouldn't force the user into choosing between two appealing environments. The sweet spot of whi...

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iPhone web apps aren't that bad

I have a Treo 650 on AT&Tingular. I use the web lots. (So much, actually, that my phone bill came out to $175 last month because I downloaded so much data. Damn you, Google Maps!) The included browser isn't all that bad: especially when I can tap to mobile versions of my most-frequented sites (m...

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Experimental web app could bring AIM chat to iPhone

While the jury will of course be out until June 29th as to whether web-based chat apps like Meebo could be used on the iPhone to work around the lack of a true, built-in chat app, David Cann has developed an experimental web interface that might bring AIM to next week's highly-anticipated gadget. Th...

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It's official: No Flash support on the iPhone (yet)

Our sources at WWDC are reporting that, for now, there is officially no Flash support on the iPhone. Apparently, in the State of the Media address yesterday, the announcement was made that: "There will be no Flash support at the moment on the iPhone." Developers are being told not to serve video ...

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Apple announces 3rd parties can write Web 2.0 apps for iPhone

Along with all the Mac OS X-related announcements at WWDC today, Apple also announced a solution, of sorts, to the 3rd party apps conundrum surrounding the iPhone. Since the device's announcement at Macworld '07 earlier this year, one of the largest questions everyone had for Apple was whether the...

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Review: new .Mac webmail delivers, mostly

Apple teased us with an announcement of a .Mac webmail upgrade at the end of September, and yesterday they delivered. The new webmail feels zippy (though it was understandably a little sluggish a couple times while I was testing it last night), and the innovative, refreshing new features raise the ...

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Packrat v0.91 now does list reordering

Packrat, for those not in the know, is the only full-fledged Backpack desktop client I've ever seen, and it's especially killer because it does offline editing for all your Backpack items and pages. Its developer, Rod Schmidt, just added a key new feature that's been on everyone's request list, incl...

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Apple brings (a little) web 2.0 to iPod nano RED site

I've been getting somewhat annoyed with Apple's aging website for a while now, as it still even contains the striped elements of Jaguar in its navigation at the top. Not that I have any problem with Jaguar, mind you (though I have a hard time with the possibility of giving up Tiger), but for a compa...

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