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Chitika: Mountain Lion accounting for 3% of web traffic

Web tracking firm Chitika has a stat that's actually not all that surprising: Mountain Lion downloads accounted for a relatively huge percentage of web traffic this week. For all web traffic coming to and from Mac computers, Mountain Lions downloads specifically make up 3% of the total. And whe...

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iOS now responsible for 2 percent of all web traffic

According to a report from NetApplications, Apple's iOS now has a 2 percent share of all web traffic. Combining for a worldwide average of 2.06 percent, the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch OS has passed the 2 percent mark for the first time ever and has even reached a whopping 10 percent market share in...

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iPad already matches Linux in web market share; will represent 2.3% of total net traffic in 2011

In an interesting Chitika research note, the internet advertising firm says the iPad is currently making up 0.83% of all internet traffic. When Chitika says "all internet traffic" they mean the 100,000+ sites they serve ads to. Still, if we can extrapoloate those numbers to the entire Internet, a...

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