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Google releases Books browser for iPhone

Despite the fact that the App Store is capturing everybody's attention, old-school (as in, about 8 months ago) mobile web apps are still worth checking out, too -- Andy Ihnatko reports that Google has put their Google Book Search web app in iPhone form, and the result is awesome: 1.5 million public-...

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Springlets for iPhone

While we wait for the iPhone SDK, web developers are busily creating iPhone-compatible web apps and pages. There are a few cool ones out there, like Leaflets and PocketTweets. Even FedEx has created an iPhone-friendly page. Recently we came across Springlets. Unlike Leaflets, which is a single site,...

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3 ways to get things done with your iPhone

Getting Things Done is David Allen's system of personal productivity; a deceptively simple process of collecting information, deciding what it is, identifying what needs to be done and then doing it (we've written about GTD quite a bit). Geeks like me love it because the hardware and/or software use...

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iPhone WebApps directory is live

Today, Apple has launched its WebApps directory after much anticipation. The new site highlights many of the best pages and web applications that have been built specifically for the iPod touch and iPhone. Categories span games, news, productivity and more. In addition, Apple has provided links for...

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