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iPhone in the Enterprise: Lotus iNotes Ultralite

Back in January, we reported that IBM had plans to bring the Lotus Notes groupware application to the iPhone platform. Well, it's happened! Big Blue is announcing the availability of iNotes Ultralite, an iPhone portal to Lotus Notes that is available for free for anyone with a Lotus Notes license. ...

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Yet another way to Wikipedia on your iPhone

iPhone web application developer, Comoki, has unveiled a new, iPhone-compatible Wikipedia interface. It's not alone, of course, but joins the ranks of web applications like iPodia with some nice interface improvements. It has a more reliable "Save" feature and makes some nice formatting decisions on...

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iPhone WebApps directory is live

Today, Apple has launched its WebApps directory after much anticipation. The new site highlights many of the best pages and web applications that have been built specifically for the iPod touch and iPhone. Categories span games, news, productivity and more. In addition, Apple has provided links for...

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Rumor: Apple to launch WebApp consolidation portal

Today the UK Register reports that Apple is preparing a WebApp catalog. WebApps are apparently already showing up in the recent downloads feed although the page they supposedly link to has not yet gone live. I downloaded the latest feeds page and did not personally find any reference to http://www....

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Facebook launches iPhone portal

Tossing their hat into a quickly expanding ring, Facebook has launched a powerful portal designed specifically for the iPhone (http://iphone.facebook.com). Offering quick access to key Facebook areas and tools, the entire UI is built to mimic the increasingly popular iPod/iPhone 'slide right' app...

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PackRat 1.3 supports new Backpack, adds more exclusive features

Backpack, the fantastic online PIM from 37signals, was recently updated with some solid new features like drag-and-dropping items from one page to another and the ability to reorder items any way you chose on a page (i.e. - lists and notes no longer have to be lumped together in their own sectio...

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Leaflets: Another well done iPhone portal app

iPhone apps and portals are cropping up faster than you can say 'made exclusively for Safari,' and Leaflets has just leapt to the front of the line. Offering a streamlined, zippy UI for your iPhone apps, it features some impressive new portals for sites like Newsvine, New York Times and even the ...

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iPhone web apps aren't that bad

I have a Treo 650 on AT&Tingular. I use the web lots. (So much, actually, that my phone bill came out to $175 last month because I downloaded so much data. Damn you, Google Maps!) The included browser isn't all that bad: especially when I can tap to mobile versions of my most-frequented sites (m...

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Infospace Find It! Location Based Search Coming to an iPhone Near You

Previously, Infospace's Find It!, the handy location-based application for finding things, people, phone numbers and directions to your favorite restaurant, was available exclusively for users of devices like RIM's ubiquitous Blackberry. I've even got it on mine. But soon, according to an exclusive ...

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It's official: No Flash support on the iPhone (yet)

Our sources at WWDC are reporting that, for now, there is officially no Flash support on the iPhone. Apparently, in the State of the Media address yesterday, the announcement was made that: "There will be no Flash support at the moment on the iPhone." Developers are being told not to serve video ...

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The line between web and "real" apps on the iPhone

Rogue Amoeba apparently wanted to jump in today and be the first devs to thank His Steveness for presenting developers with a complete and terrific iPhone SDK this afternoon. Or-- in their sarcastic case-- the lack thereof. Yes, as you can see in the resulting comments, Mac developers aren't real th...

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