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First look: Camera for iPad

No, it's not a hardware device, but Camera for iPad (US$0.99) can help out those frantic iPad users who are wondering how the heck they're going to survive without a by-God camera built into their latest Apple toy. The app is universal and runs on both iPad and iPhone. In fact, the camera in the ...

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My wife needs an intervention for her Live Cams addiction

It's a problem worthy of an episode of Intervention. Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that my wife is addicted to the Live Cams app on her iPhone. It all started when she was searching for new apps in the App Store, and she noticed a little app called Live Cams [US$0.99, iTunes Link]. It sounded innocuo...

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iCam brings video from home to the iPhone

I was intrigued by Lauren's post the other day where she briefly talked about using the iCam phone app [App Store] to do some baby monitoring. I wondered what else I could do with this US$4.99 app, so I gave it a try with great results. One nice thing about iCam is it can integrate up to 4 live vide...

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Logitech releases Mac-only webcam; cats, dogs reported living together

Apologies to Dr. Peter Venkman, but it's hard to believe that it's taken this long for a webcam vendor to encroach on the vacuum left by the discontinued iSight, even though we have hints that a new model of the Apple camera might be on the HD horizon. Logitech has now announced the QuickCam Vision ...

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Use your iPhone as a webcam

Mac developer Ecamm has posted a sneak peak of iPhoneCam, an application that uses your iPhone's camera as a wireless Mac webcam. You can stream video from your iPhone over its WiFi to any Mac video application, including iChat, Photo Booth, or Skype. I have participated in one iPhone chat and whil...

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10.4.9 Adds USB Camera Support for iChat; Xbox Camera Works

Here's a nice, easily overlooked tidbit from the release notes to the 10.4.9 update that we mentioned before: Apple has added support for USB Video Class cameras in iChat without the need of a third party driver a la iChatUSBCam from ecamm. A user in the MacRumors forums reports that the the Xbox Li...

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Watch Apple Store Boston's construction live

If you're excited about Apple Store Boston (I sure am), then check out this webcam which will be providing live images of its construction. As of this writing, demolition has begun! Check back often to track the process of this year-long project. As we say here in Massachusetts, "Wicked awesome."...

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New Get A Mac Ad surfaces online

Apple has released a new, online only (at this moment), Get A Mac ad. This time PC is being upgraded with a webcam and assures the Mac that one day he'll be as high tech as the PC. The tech installing the web cam points out that iMac and MacBooks come with a built in iSight much to the PC's conster...

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WebcamTweaker is sort of like PhotoBooth for video. It lets you create movies with a number of different filters. You can also use it to create timelapse movies. Today marks the release of a new version of Webcam Tweaker which introduces new filters and support for the Apple Remote. WebcamTweaker is...

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Gawker - record, share, combine time-lapse movies with an iSight

Gawker is a really interesting open source app that takes a very simple, yet powerful, approach to capturing time-lapse videos from an iSight camera - be it your own or someone else's. As you can see in this image, Gawker can utilize smart networking abilities of Bonjour to see if any other Macs on ...

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