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Elixir offers new RapidWeaver theme and special bundle

Here at TUAW, RapidWeaver is our longstanding-favorite WYSIWYG web site creation tool. I personally like to to use RapidWeaver for rapid prototyping or for creating sites that don't need a CMS backend. One of the best parts of RapidWeaver is its extensive library of beautiful themes. Elixir makes ...

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Beta Beat: MacRabbit's Espresso released as public beta

Espresso, the highly-anticipated web design and development platform from MacRabbit (creators of CSSEdit), has been released as a public beta (originally predicted for late November). It's not finished (that's why it's called beta, silly), but it's far more complete than what we've seen thus far. Th...

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A quick shot of Espresso for web designers

Word is out ... there's a new contender for the do-it-all web design and development title belt. Espresso has been announced by the creators of CSSEdit, and it looks like major competition for a TUAW favorite, Coda. Espresso looks like it's going to be a solid editing platform, with an advanced XHTM...

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Freeway 5.2 available with new MobileSafari support

Softpress Systems has released Freeway 5.2, which includes new tools for building web pages for iPhone and iPod touch. Freeway is WYSIWYG website creation software that features a traditional, page-layout approach and omits the need to write any code (unless, you know, you really want to handcraft ...

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Rulers for everyone

I'm a heavy user of the IconFactory's xScope, a great universal tool for designers which we've covered several times. For those of us with a need for it, it's worth every cent. I happened upon a freeware application today, though, which provides a subset of xScope's very useful features: omnidea Rul...

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iLife/iWork tutorial little touch

This isn't earth-shattering, nor is it breaking news but sometimes you just have to step back and enjoy the little things in life. I was watching a few of the iLife '08 and iWork '08 tutorials (posted about here and here) to get a feel for some of the new features. I clicked on a movie, watched it, ...

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Sandvox 1.2.2 offers iPhone support

Fresh from receiving an Apple Design Award at WWDC '07 (runner up for "Best Mac OS X User Experience"), the folks at Karelia have released Sandvox 1.2.2 (we've written about Sandvox before). If you're unfamiliar, it's a WYSIWYG web editor that features drag-and-drop ease, iLife integration, simple p...

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RapidWeaver 3.6 released

Realmac Software today has released the much-anticipated new version of RapidWeaver, their powerful WYSIWYG software that does a great job of filling the gap between iWeb and Dreamweaver. This new v3.6 ushers in a significant list of new features, such as: Themes Styles - no more digging i...

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MacZOT offers 30% discount for RapidWeaver

RapidWeaver, arguably the 800 lb. gorilla of the WYSIWYG web design space on the Mac, is being sold for $27.97 on MacZOT - a 30% discount off its retail price of $39.95. The debate around sites like MacZOT aside, I view this simply as a killer sale on a rockin' app. Now I honestly haven't checked in...

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SafariSpeed 2.0

Safari users and web designers who aren't entirely happy with the browser's performance, especially under extended use, have another tool for their belts to optimize and tweak its performance. SafariSpeed 2.0 has been able to turn off favicons and Safari's 1 second page loading delay in the past, bu...

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Adobe to drop GoLive, Freehand

The Mac Observer is reporting that Adobe announced at Adobe Live that the company is giving the axe to GoLive and Freehand for CS3, due out spring of 2007. Before the Adobe-Macromedia merger, GoLive was Adobe's Dreamweaver (and a far superior product, might I add), and Freehand was Macromedia's Illu...

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