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WebKit going 3D with WebGL

There will be a day in the not-too-distant future when playing 3D games in your browser -- without extra plugins like Flash or Unity -- will be a reality. The WebGL project, which has quickly made the blogging rounds this morning, combines aspects of HTML 5, JavaScript, and the OpenGL 3D draw...

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3D animations coming to Safari

Charles Ying over at has put together an impressive demo using Safari's forthcoming CSS 3D transform features. There is a YouTube video of the demo (you can watch it in the 2nd half of this post), as a nightly build of WebKit or the Snow Leopard version of Safari is required to render...

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From Firefox to Safari (and back again)

I realize I may not be your average browser user. As a web developer, a browser to me is two parts daily use, two parts testing, and one part challenge. Since 2005, I've been using Firefox in some form or fashion as both my primary browser and as a testing vehicle. I had recently started a JavaScrip...

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Livin' on the edge with optimized, beta Firefox builds

Do you feel the need... the need for speed? With more and more of our computing lives taking place via our web browsers, eking out even a slight performance improvement for Firefox or Safari (or a similar reduction of resource demands; I'm looking at you, Flash Player) can improve the user experienc...

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CSS Animation to replace need for Flash in MobileSafari? Not likely

New nightly builds of Safari's bleeding-edge doppelgänger, WebKit, are getting some new support for CSS animations -- support that's already available in MobileSafari. The animations, which include a falling leaves effect, a way to simply animate objects sliding across the screen, and a "pulse...

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Farewell, iPhone-optimized iGoogle

One shining year -- that's how long the iPhone-optimized iGoogle search page hung around, and now we must tell it goodbye. Introduced in January 2008, the customized iGoogle UI for Mobile Safari provided a single-column view and easier navigation for iPhone users. As Christina noted earlier today ...

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Third-party apps enhance web browsing for iPhone, iPod touch

Earlier this week, there was a sudden influx of web browsing applications in the App Store. Mac Rumors points out that some of them, most notably Edge Browser [App Store link], have very old release dates even though they only showed up in the store recently (Edge Browser's release date is listed as...

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WebKit adds some Sparkle

Sparkle, Andy Matuschak's software update framework for Cocoa applications, is no stranger to TUAW. Now, it's found its way into WebKit, the developmental version of Safari. This feature, often requested on the WebKit mailing lists, allows WebKit to update itself with the click of a button. Sparkle ...

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Screaming fast Mozilla browser Minefield gives a glimpse of Firefox's future

I was really disappointed when Google released their Chrome web browser for Windows only. When it comes to browsers, I've tried them all. Right now I regularly switch between Firefox and the latest nightly build from Webkit (essentially Safari). Firefox has the extensibility I rely on, while Webkit ...

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OmniWeb 5.8 released

The Omni Group has released version 5.8 of OmniWeb, its venerable browser software. OmniWeb 5.8 is now based on the same version of Webkit as Safari 3.1.x. It also fixes bugs with Spaces, and adds support for non-POSIX file URLs. Users can also choose Google Chrome in the list of user-agent strings...

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Gears comes to Safari

Even though Google Chrome is still only available for Windows, its WebKit roots mean that Safari for Mac users might still get some extra perks. Gears, Google's web API that lets developers create applications that can run offline, is one of those perks. Previously, Gears was only available for Fire...

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Chrome features are coming to WebKit

Although Google's Chrome browser is currently only available to Windows users (unless you are running an Intel-based Mac and VMWare Fusion or Parallels), its WebKit underpinnings mean that Safari, and other WebKit-based browsers, can benefit from Google's code. One of the larger innovations of Goog...

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Google creating its own browser based on WebKit

Google is developing a new web browser built from the ground up and based on WebKit, the same rendering engine that Safari uses. The browser, called Chrome, is open-source software built with security, compatibility and speed in mind. Each tab in the browser will be its own separate running proces...

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Apple seeds developers with Safari 4.0

Apple has seeded developers with a copy of the new Safari 4, which adds some new features and is based on a newer version of WebKit. Apple is also rumored to be using the SquirrelFish JavaScript engine which allows for faster Javascript processing. New to this version of Safari is the ability to sav...

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Flickr Find: WebKit references Mac OS X 10.6

WebKit, the open source foundation that many Mac apps use to draw HTML, seems to be preparing for some kind of operating system update in the near future. Intrepid Flickr user factoryjoe posted an image of a screenshot showing a recent WebKit nightly build. In the Frameworks folder inside the appli...

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