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iPads in the Cosmopolitan's check-in counter

I'm staying in Las Vegas for a work event this week, and as I checked in to the Cosmopolitan hotel on the Strip today, I noticed something interesting: the check-in counter has iPads embedded in the countertop. You can see a few more shots of the units below -- you can't remove or hold the...

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Four websites that need iPad apps

The iPad is an amazing device for surfing the web. Its large screen and multitouch gestures make it feel like you're actually holding a web page in your hands. Web browsing on the iPad is going to get even better with the release of iOS 5. That's when Safari on iPad gains Reading List and...

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Apple revamps Student Jobs page

Apple has revamped their Student Jobs page, which allows students or recent graduates to find work opportunities with Apple. The newly revamped page offers a simplified layout with job opportunities sorted into two sections: "I'm currently in school" lists all Apple Campus Rep, internship,...

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Verizon supposedly readying iPhone 4 discount

A screenshot snagged by Vzbuzz suggests the Verizon iPhone 4 may go on sale in the near future. According to the leaked image, the 16 GB iPhone 4 will be reduced to $150, a 25% discount off its current $199 price tag. Unfortunately, this screenshot was snagged from Verizon's testman website....

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WWDC 2011 videos reportedly not working in some browsers

Apple released its session videos from WWDC and many people are having problems watching them. Apparently, Apple is limiting playback to Safari on the Mac. If you try to watch the videos on an alternative browser, even on a Mac machine, you receive the stern warning that "You need to use Safari...

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Apple site updated with exciting news from the WWDC keynote

The Apple website has been updated to show all of the wonderful new features that we'll be seeing in the next few months. iOS 5 "in the fall," Mac OS X 10.7 Lion "in July," and iCloud "concurrently with iOS 5." Each of the major images on the home page points to a new landing page. For...

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International iPad 2 launch still on track

Apple has confirmed that the iPad 2 launch in the UK is still planned for this Friday, March 25, according to TechRadar. There was concern that the launch would be delayed due to supply issues, but an Apple spokesperson apparently says that the company is still following the date listed on the...

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Our eagle-eyed readers are spotting subtle changes to starting with a gray navigational bar across the top of the page -- which wasn't rendering properly with the iPad at first. There are also bits of animation to other parts of the site, including the Mac page. The core part of the site...

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After iLife '11 analysis: Uncertain future for iWeb, no future for iDVD

Yesterday's announcement of iLife '11 brought some cool new features across the suite... well, most of the suite anyway. As many people have noticed, only iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band were updated. iWeb and iDVD got no love besides small code changes that make them compatible with the new...

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Apple to stream video of tomorrow's live event

It looks like Apple has decided that it's finally time to let the public in on their press events -- the company will be streaming live footage from the event tomorrow on its website. Traditionally, the company has depended on third parties (like, ahem, us -- we'll still be metaliveblogging the...

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Macworld 2010: Telltale Games and their Mac revolution

Well, there you go. After consistent rumors that the whole catalog would be coming over to the Mac, Telltale Games announced at Macworld last week that that's exactly what was going to happen. Starting with the Tales of Monkey Island series (based on the Lucasarts games, where many Telltale...

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Kevin Rose demos Square payment system for iPhone

Digg's Kevin Rose is the newest investor in this Square iPhone payment system that we've been seeing lately, and as you can see above, he's demo'ed the unit for everyone over on YouTube. It works as we've heard: there's just an addon that you plug into the iPhone's headphone jack, and then an app...

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Apple updates green website

Macworld has spotted a new page over on Apple's website highlighting their dedication to making their products as environmentally healthy as possible. We've seen this pitch from Apple within the past few years -- they've recently slimmed down their packaging and started using recyclable materials in...

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Hands on with TuneWiki for iPhone

Yesterday I downloaded a copy of TuneWiki, the new free iPhone application that lets you listen to streaming radio and your personal media collection while displaying lyrics. I tried out Lyrics+ last week and was looking forward to seeing what TuneWiki would bring to the table. What I found was a...

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MobileMe login page sports a new look

After a brief overnight outage, the MobileMe services are back this morning -- and sporting a new look on the login page. Aside from the recently revealed file sharing feature, we don't know of any other changes behind the scenes, but putting on a fresh coat of polish never hurts. If you're seeing...

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